June 17, 2009

A conversation (continued)

SEQUEL to "A Conversation" by Prats.



And as she walked off her breath was short and quick. Sometimes you need to feel the chilly winds.Sometimes even that is not enough.Her mind was ablaze and thoughts twisted.

"What is freedom and how is it linked to trust"-she thought.

Meanwhile the guy orders a large peg and ponders about the same things.

"If i dont trust her then I try to covet her. and in my wanting to covet her I curb her freedom. But I have no right to do so.love is for free birds,rest all is fake. why have i changed from selfless to obnoxious"
she looks at her cell. he is calling.Tears are rolling.Just then Rahul slips in the seat beside her.

"Hey I need a ride..oh are you crying ? are you ok?"- he asks.

"this is not a good time"- she says and picks the phone.
"Hi I realized my mistake"-He

"really?"-she has hope.
voices behind of Rahul making apologies about barging in.
"Who is that?"

"My friend"

"Oh you can't stay a minute without your great friends??"

"Here you go again"

"No I mean you should at least give me some importance"
Suddenly the air changes. Tears stop rolling. Mind clears up and the breeze lifts her spirit.
her volume is low but words firm.
"I am free , as for you I only got three words. Fuck you asshole"
Freedom has a price she thinks, but it's worth paying. She grins, her smile, that night.


  1. nice resolution to the conversation...

  2. you are one writer, whose writes i hv to go thru again n again...ek bar me samaj hi nai ata :(
    But at the end I love them all:)

    Hmm...this one was good:)
    Atleast you didnt potray the girl as givin' n all emo :D

  3. ha ha!! so much praise to Abhri today !! bet he will gain few kilos julst like that :P

  4. Hope all the kilos go to my tummy.. :) thanks rose and Arun

  5. @prats aapke liye to by default thanks... :) nai bole to bhi samajh jaana...thnksssss

  6. dude, u inspired me 2 write something more!!..hope u like it!!


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