June 17, 2009


Hey all,
Didn’t know why I was made to write a sequel to H’s post!!..Felt like and so just did it!!.Lets see what shape it takes from now on!!

Around 9.00 PM.Rahul is still wondering..

(How come things have changed?. At one time, people say that one can never change irrespective of anything. Agree that she is a super-star and I am still struggling. Our story is like that of Jayaji and Bacchan sir post ZANJEER..But will it end like ABHIMAN I wonder )

Oye anna,ek aur PATIALA..aur chakna leke aao..(Anna,one more PATIALA..Get snacks as well)
(At Rani’s place with her friend. Friend notices that she has become suddenly quiet)
What happened Rani? You are unusually quite?
Nothing much re..Just remembered something that’s why.
Oh.is it about whether you will win the BAFTA?. You have won the FILMFARE, and STARDUST. There are rumours that you may win the PRESIDENTS AWARD. So why worry of trivial things?
Its not that. I saw him today.
He called me later and I said “Fuck you asshole"” as I cut the call.
Serves him right. He is still a junior artiste that too in C-grade movies. How can he talk to you, someone who is regarded as an icon in the film industry?
Its not that. I was never someone who used to abuse anyone so bad. I remember one evening when I met him while was shooting at JIJAMATA and….
AND what happened?
Someone made a remark on me and he said *** KI ANHK to that guy and went onto hit that guy. Later I scolded him for using that word and now I cant believe that I am into abuses.
Come on Rani..You are a star. You have all the liberty to do so!
Not like that yaar…I was someone who used to shudder when someone used to even say “chh aila” during my initial days in Mumbai!
That was the past Rani..Come now,let me drive you to TOWN We’ll go there and have dinner at CHOTE MIYA!

(Rahul is busy with his peg as ‘anna’ comes along)
Bolo anna..kya mangta hein? (What do you want anna?)
Kuch nahi seth. Aapka mood dekhke maine aapka ringtone change kiya!(Nothing much. Seeing your mood, I changed your ringtone)
Haila!. Kab? (When?)
Hmmm..achha kaam kiya.waise bhi apan ko koi phone nahi karta (Good work.anyways, nobody calls me)

(Rani is still pensive)
(To her friend) Listen, I’ll call him and say sorry for abusing him.
Why?..just drop a message naa..Why do you want the producer to think that you talk to junior artiste’s when he gets your bill?
Its not like that. Besides his caller tune is so nice. It reminds me of the time with him!!
Which song?
Rani humms it)

Baap re.itna juna gaana.(My god, such an old song).anyways, put it on loud speaker so that me too will listen to it.

But when she calls, she is for a surprise..The song that comes on is

(Rani begins to sob suddenly)


  1. nice development of the story...
    Too bad...I didn't understand the hindi songs...


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