June 17, 2009


Hey people,
Pretty’s write made think of a prequel(as opposed to a sequel)!!. I promise to keep it short and simple and not long like the way I usually do!!..Do let me know what you feel!!

(When they were together. A winter evening at GOREGAON FILM CITY,Mumbai)
So dear, you are ok with this challenge?
Anything for you and our love.. Moreover I know, that you wont change!
I wont. As I believe that people don’t change so fast in a year’s time.but you must trust me.
I trust you more than I trust myself. Why that doubt?
You know that I am page 3 and you are still a junior artist. For you to be a supporting actor itself will take you time.
I know. But you wont run away with any superstar right?
You never know I may if he is from Hollywood!!(with a naughty grin)..Chal,its time for my shoot.
(This song plays in the background-

Go ahead my love. I’ll come back in a year’s time as a far better super-star and claim you back!!

(6 months later through SMS’s)”Dude,start living on your own. I cant be yours. Don’t ask why. Its all over and dont contact me ever!. Take care and cya.
What are you saying?. Don’t you think you are betraying my trust and the love I’ve for you?
Trusting me was your decision. Breaking it was my choice!”)

(Location-BARISTA in LOKHANDWALA, Mumbai..Now over to Pretty’s story!!)


  1. Hmmm...reminded me of the song "mora saiyaan" by the band fuzon...honeslty I could have never thought something like this...firstly a prequel, secondly a prequel with a background like this...that's why I love reading you C!]

  2. wow nice story... prequel...
    good thinking...

    "'trusting me was your decision...breaking it was my choice " superb dialogue...

  3. @Arun,thanks 4 d read..thank PRETTY to've given me tis idea!!


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