May 20, 2009

Tear ..

Lost in the dark world
I wait for you to come
To rescue me, and walk me home
But, you never came

My smile turned into a tear
Faith faded into air
Anguish of soul burning me inside
Dark shadows, by my side

A Cold and Lonesome night
My loneliness, i alone fight
Even in my dreams, you said goodbye
I wake up with tears in my eyes

Cause for my tear is you
I would have given some to you
If i could Turn it into a Pearl
To remind you, i was once your girl .


  1. loved the words you used....

  2. i was once ur girl....

    killer line !!!!

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  4. Wait and longing to be loved. Reminder that love once existed and a yearn to return to the old times.

    awesome Vasudha

  5. freeLancer
    Thanx dear.. Half an houe back came from office.. Was dyin to write somethin whole day.. May b its a outcome of missin WL sooo much lol :p

  6. Sam
    U got wat exact msg i wanted to deliver..
    *Flyingkiss* :p
    Thanx a ton sam..

  7. The last line was magical.. ! bang on target!

  8. Pink
    Thanx kaju.. Wish i had more time..
    Miss u guys :(

  9. your words flow so very flawlessly !! perfecto !!

  10. I loved and adored the last para. It's very nice and simple but very strong. Nice one dear :)


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