May 20, 2009

The football maestro

Rohit sat on his large teakwood desk. His handsome face shone in the morning light coming from a window. His office was as beautiful as he was. Arranged with utmost care and an elegant taste. Reema, his childhood friend and sweetheart had called him today.They were going to meet . It was over 5 years now and Reema was excited. She was however unsure as to why Rohit asked her to come to his office, not outside in the beautiful city of Kolkata. But Reema loved Rohit, her only crush, what difference did it make. The world was going to be perfect again for both of them.

"HIIIIEEEE!!" Reema bellowed as she entered the great office.

"wow making some good money eh?" she smiled.

Rohit smiled back with some restraint.

"You have become quiet, so where are you taking me tonight?"-Reema asked.

"Let's talk no dear, I have a lot to tell you"- he said.

"This is a office , c'mon so unromantic for a guy like you"-she asked.

"This is my world now"-he said bluntly.

"Don't tell me the football maestro has become all boring now sitting and doing paperwork for a corrupt government"- she speculated.

"Those were good times Reema"- he looked sad.

She sensed this and went towards his desk.

"Wow! Nice music system dude!! You have fun here only"-she was excited"Let's dance no , like old days"

"Not now please"-Rohit.

"I heard sex was a no no before marriage for some people but what's wrong with dancing"- she asked amused." Don't you love me anymore?"

"WHy are you crying!!?"-Reema

"I am not , its just something in my eye.Please sit down and let's talk"- he said firmly.

"I know you from childhood. Somethings wrong , mY rohit is sad. I'll give you your favourite jhappi"- Reema said and moved towards him.

Is it not irony that a man can so much want something to happen and then so much not want that thing to happen.

He let out an inaudible no but Reema was standing beside him.

She shrieked in horror.

ROhit had lost both his legs. Tears rolled down her face. " I was trying to tell you about my accident"-he mumbled-" But I can still tickle you like crazy hmmm :)"

She sobbed silently into his broad chest.


  1. :( :( what an end I say.. :(

  2. Good one buddy..... but its not a 55 fiction..... pls change the tag.....

  3. MindTree .... u r awesome dude !! n u know it too :)

    this was bang on !!


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