April 1, 2009

Whoz the best?

Sandeep: Prats said mine was better!

Ste: Hatt bhe!! She felt mine was amazing!

Sandeep: She commented on my "Monday Delight" interview post today

Ste: She commented on my Micro humour post today as well

Sandeep: She said that she has NEVER enjoyed and laughed over a post at the lounge more!

Ste: For my post she said that it was the best EVER she has come across at the lounge!

Sandeep: Her comment clearly tells that she liked mine more!

Ste: She liked my post and her comment is a testimony!

Neha: Hey guys. Prats just commented on my post today that she laughed for the FIRST TIME EVER after joining the lounge! Wow!

Prats: Hi All! April Fool Guys!

(#Lines: 10)


  1. April fool DAy is Quiet a rage here..!!

  2. Baar baar din ye aaye
    Baar baar din ye jaaye

    Aap bane Fool har saal
    Yehi hai meri aarzoo!!

    Happy April Fools' Day to you!!

  3. good to see that my comments are read indeed !!

    ps: No comment of mine is to fool anyone though ;)

  4. P.S: I am the best thats what pratsie meant ;)

  5. awwee..runs and hugs Pratsie.. :D


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