April 2, 2009

Alphabets and more

ABC: I dont know why they use my name when they dont get any other? Have you seen the letters children write in school? To ABC. From ABC. Cmon... I thought I had a pretty uncommon name.

XYZ: And I seem to be having the maximum conversations with a guy like you(argh!). To ABC from XYZ. To XYZ from ABC.

ABC: That is the good part of it :D. But cmon, if they want to write something to you on my behalf, why dont they teach them writing love letters in school? After all, that is the thing they need to learn the most. Those are like the business letters most rejected by the client.

XYZ: Love aur tumse??? Kabhi nahi...

PQR (comes rushing in): Stop fighting guys. Did you know what Mr. Lobo did right now? He drew three dirty figures on the board - three triangles - and called them ABC, PQR and XYZ. And what I am really wondering is how Mr. Lobo found out ABC is the obtuse one !

Lines : 14
But it has only 5 conversations. I donno if this qualifies.
PS: My first attempt at humor. Donno if u guys will like it. Honest comments please...


  1. heheh :P

    nice attempt... that was a bit too intellectual and well thought one... but was good shreyan ;)

    the ending line was real funny :D

  2. Nice Attempt Shreyas ... Keep writing ... Mathamatical :)

  3. Good Write Shreyans. You should be more frequent in the Lounge. Keep writing/reading and sharing :)

  4. Nice thought man !!
    keep up the good work..

  5. Hey its very good for the first attempt! keep it up!

  6. As a frst attempt its really very goood..:)
    Keep up..Well thought n funyyy


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