April 30, 2009


A continuation to Shwetha's Love-4...!!!

Soul that was drenched in tears
tears of pain, i only have now
now i feel, why did i ever wait for you
For you i left all those who loved

Loved me and made me special
special times they wanted to see
see me with you, to live in joy
joy of my life, which i wished you to be

Be it for any reason, i am lost
lost in my Dreams in search of you
you never cared alteast to turn back
Back of my window, you have been a dew

Dew of love i wished to see
see in my special man, thats you
you are found a rock at heart
at heart, i still love you


  1. i just now got up.. will come back to read this poem when I am in my senses.. :)

  2. aww :( love hurts.. i agree!

    another loop poem from you, i am learning before i take my take :)

  3. @The pink Orchid

    come back soon Kajal i am waiting..!!!

  4. @.a.

    thanks dear.....waiting to read you..!!!

  5. Yamini, you write lovely lovely poems.. :D

  6. and this was one lovely poem! :D

  7. wow, u already into chain poems! :) cool re!

  8. u have mastered loop poetry so well !! good one again :)

  9. @Pretty Me

    thanks dear...and master??? not better than you yaar...you are the mistress in it..!!!


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