April 29, 2009

LOVE - 4 ( A continuation)

I was too inspired by what Yamini wrote...so wanted to take it a bit further...it can be a part of chain and loop poetry

Fade away from the hope of the night
Night that was filled with all your love
Love was all I searched in you
In you I found the almighty above

Above all I trusted you
You were the only one I wished for
For whom my love never ceased
Ceased to exist and to be at war

At war I am with me
Me alone, questioning glares
Glares of paun and perished soul

Soul that was now drenced in tears


  1. wow Shweta...your loop was too good...!!!

    i am glad that i wrote one to inspire you..but you were better than me...happy about that..!!!

  2. @yamini

    thanks dear...your poem struck me a lot...so had to write something...

  3. beautiful..dats all i would say...

    keep writing kid... lookin frward 2 more of ur poetic perspectives...!

  4. soul drenched in tears - my my...awesome!!


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