April 30, 2009


Last week my dearest friend here, Prats! mentioned the name of the movie "RACE" so this week... let me tell you what was this whole race about... actually a race of stealing tunes in the most shameful manner it was :(

So 2 songs from this movie this week....

1 - Pehli nazar mein is shameslessly plagiarized from the Korean song, 'Sarang hae yo' by Kim Hyung-sub.

2 - Zara zara is a result of generous inspiration from the Chinese track, 'Deep within the Bamboo grove' (Zhu Lin Shen Chu) by South east Asian singer Lee-Hom Wang (from his 2005 album, Shangri-La).

(C)DISCLAIMER: the content of this section is not certified or standard! I write on how I feel, on the basis of what I hear! The views of readers and listeners can differ and I stand here for no corrections to it! The motive of this section is not to throw mud on anyone but to shower flowers on some artists whose work might not be known to fellow Indian music listeners otherwise! Coincidences of similar sounding tunes too can occur in this section without any intentional copying act and for this case I request the musical authorities who might get offended to contact me and correct me!



  1. I've promised myself...the day I come 2 know tht "Tum se hi" 4m Jab We Met is also outsourced 4m sumwhr else, I'll stop listening to Pritam's music!!!

  2. wait for my next post then...
    jab we met next! :):D

  3. Aah...Plagiarism :(
    the mojja re mojja song's corus was copied from a Assamese folk song, its like
    " Aali kati jali dim, Bor pida pari dim "

    Now play it and listen carefully :))

  4. yes pulkit you are right
    this both songs are also shown on a news channel that how pritam copied this songs

  5. @ hashan - smiles! knew that too! bro...thanks for the comments

  6. @ chirag - yeah! me too saw that prgram on various hindi news channels...

  7. lol?!! hit me in the gut somewhere, oh MY the music is EXACT the SAME !!

    bravo Pulkit :D

  8. Pulkit you are doing a great job!!

  9. plagiarism is bad

    but if it copied out of inspiration from smoewhere and the source is mentioned and acknowleged , then i guess there's no harm....because u see getting inspiration from others is nothing wrong

  10. @ aparna - hey dear! glad u raised that point!
    actually the series is all about those who dont give recognition or honour to the original source!
    I am making sure that no mentioned piece of inspiration comes up here!


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