April 30, 2009

When God Smiles

Every one has a blue day.So this is one such day in the life of a very pretty girl.

SO it started.In its many forms and suprises, it comes once in a while.DImple was sitting on her small couch.She had a dreadful headache.ANd her mind was buzzing.She sat still. she wanted something from the air, she wanted just something to make it all right.She screamed but no voice came.her heart was heavy and she was hungry.suddenly her stomach growled and she got up to fix some food.It wud be nice to have someone cook for me, she thought, but it didnt linger as her mind was rattled with pain.she was angry at people.And her friends had turned their backs when she needed them most.Were they even friends?5 min pass and she can't manage the pressing burden.so many things to mend and so little time.thats the buzz you get when every problem seems huge.tears rolled down her cheeks, but she was strong and she did not need any mental support. She would find a way out and have a go at the wrong doers.she would prove the institution wrong , the same one which plays boss on her now.Because she knows she is capable.
10 min and she can't take it any more.She can't break down yet.Its just morning.
Knock Knock!!
"when?? what? How did you come??"- she asked exasparated."last bus dear! hope I came in time.."- he seemed concerned."You have petrol?!!"- she demanded."Its 8 30 in the morning and i don't want to get slapped now.."- he smiled."OKK Lets go"- she smiled.
And off they went for a bike ride throwing the blues away.And she knew God loved her, and she was His smile.


  1. I love you. Thankyou so much, so so much.

    I REALLY wish if the ending could be true..... the bike ride.

    ((((( HUGS )))))))

    muaaahzz :*

  2. a little unlike your usual stuff H, or am i missing out on it?

    i felt a *slight* grammar correction and viola, you have a master piece :)

    happy writing!

  3. :)

    sometime smile speaks alot more than words..!!!

  4. super duper fantastic!


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