April 6, 2009

LOL contest - phew!!

Hi Family,

The last two weeks has seen one of the best phases of WL. We have laughed our hearts out. Humour is a difficult genre to attempt...and a 12 dialogue one is like making it tougher. But the lounge responded to the challenge in a way only it could. The response has been overwhelming. This contest has broken all existing records of posts attempted here at the lounge for a contest. And each one of these have been a class apart. A big thanks to all those who are not comfortable with this genre but still took the challenge heads on! We appreciate that.

Seeing such enthusiastic response to LOL@Lounge contest, we have decided to revise the submission rules a bit. We believe that humour as a genre does not let you choose your best work and its best left on the reader to judge on that. So we are looking at a solution where we could let the reader judge the best work out of all the enteries out here rather than writers shortlisting their best work and sending it to us. We will come back with the revised rule of submitting your entries tomorrow morning. Till then keep LOL'ing.

We are extending the "LOL @ Lounge" contest till 7 pm of 7th April. For all those who are yet to post their works here, please hurry. Lets celebrate this last day of this laugh-a-thon with a flurry of humour posts and make this contest the most memborable one for months to come!

We are celebrating 6th of April as the "Laugh-a-thon" day, marking the last day of the LOL contest. Lets go for the kill one last time.......laugh till you drop dead! ;-)

WL Admin


  1. wow! can't wait for the results...i am wishing if some of my very special would make it.. they should... the would... ofcourse...:)

  2. Oh yeah!!!!

    Bring it On!!!

    good work loungers ;)

  3. Desperately waiting to see the winner..

  4. yaay! i hope i post something too :P :P


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