April 6, 2009

Monday Delight with Ste

Interviewee: Stephen aka Ste
Interview date:2nd,3rd April 2009

hi Stephen:
how are you?
Stephen: i am very very hot
i mean feeling hot
what about u admin
Admin: sense of the humours! good humours!

Stephen: offers admin a 100 rs note and tells him to ask easy questions
Admin: i am not that hot as you brother
Stephen: hahaha
Admin: accepts and winks
Stephen: Oh is it!but ,my brother is the hotestest person on earth
;) believe me or not
Admin: who is your brother?
Stephen: he is sandeep malan.. i mean balan
Admin: oh..the one for whom you got the excellence award?
Stephen: yes yes.. i am very happy admin
kisses admin on his right cheek muaaah
Admin: behave ste...so Stephen...to tell you about the rules of this interview
Stephen: yes.. yes i want to know the rules of this game....oops i mean interview
didnt knew if interviews had rules hehehe.
Admin: the questions are going to be straight....short n straight..
Stephen: sure sure... shoot admin,,, fire the questions straight on moi ;)
Admin: there will be a round of questions where you will have to choose between tow options...you have to choose one...and then you have to elaborate why did you choose that option
Stephen: done done :D

Admin: So Ste...the great founder...lets start... What are you?
Stephen: sure sure.. i am a human being.. guess that wud answer u. :p well i am what i am
Admin: Is that your answer? :P
Stephen: well
Admin: you will have to elaborate each of your answers o great founder.
Stephen: wht else do u need for a question like this :P
Admin: We want to see your creativity
Stephen: okay admin saar.. ok admin saar... pls ask me simble questions.... u see i am nervous

Admin: Who are you?
Stephen: I am Stephen: aka Ste aka solitary writer.. who is an engineer by profession.. i mean will be an engineer in 3 months time whoz interested in art work
Admin: body art?
Stephen: not body art dear admin
Admin: or god's art called "females'? :-)
Stephen: stop behaving like a kid dear admin
Admin: very creative answer!
Stephen: is it sir thanks :)
Admin: ste...you have only 30 secs. to respond to each question...
Stephen: i started writing when i was 14..ad that was the time when i carried that huge sack consisting of 20 books on my back and go to skool....i was fed up of carrying this load...and moreover i hated this thing.....but parents insistance made me to study hard and thats the reason why i am here as an engineer .... apart from it ...i love writing,i cherish each and every single bit of everythng i write...i like painting....won elementary "B" grade during school days .......hehe that was the lowest grade assigned to any one
Admin: you cant think and answer at your luxury...thats part of the rules...we want impromptu answers
Stephen: ok ok admin sir
sorry and thanks for letting me know
Admin: you started writing at the age of 14
Stephen: yes admin
Admin: at an age when a boy becomes a man?
Stephen: hahaha
Admin: had it to do with any girl?
Stephen: oh yeah when a boy attains puberty
haha na naa admin
i was in a "boys only" school
so nothing to do with girls

Admin: So it is safe to say that for you..it was not the hormones...but the writer which was on the rise..right?
Stephen: yes yes writer was on the rise hahaha
Admin: what about the hormones? :-)
Stephen: what abt hormones... yeah hormones were active in its own way hehe
Admin: Understood...
Stephen: haha glad that u understood;-)

Admin: Next question...Why are you "you"?
Stephen: hmm
Admin: now dont tell me that it has to do with the hormones :-)
30 secs o great founder!
Stephen: hahaha
Admin: you are taking much time to think.. you will be disqualified
Stephen: it isnt a quiz dear admin.. ur asking me really tough question admin sir... give me some time to think :P
Admin: we want the real you...not well thought after answers
Stephen: achha

Admin: coz according to a great researcher from WL, the more you think...the more fabricated answers you give!
Stephen: no no admin.. well let me ask u one thing
Admin: u have already taken 2 mins for that question o great founder!
Stephen: tell me" why i am i " ste"? acc to u
Admin: You can ask me that question in my interview as of now...
Why are you "you"?
Stephen: well..ste has certain well defined principles in his life and at every instance of his life ...he makes sure that he follows the principle.....not any normal person can do this...haha trust me admin....but i am "Ste" coz of the life i live in this world
Admin: Ste...you have taken 5 mins for this question!
Stephen: trust me its a difficult life
Admin: plz dont take this much time brother in other questions
Stephen: grr admin
Admin: Can we know the name of that "principal"? :-)
Stephen: well thats principle not principal dear admin go and wear ur specks
Admin: very good sense of the humours!
Stephen: thanks
Admin: Ok...So that's about you. Anything else you want to share about your offline self for the members to know before we move on to the tougher questions ;-)
Stephen: hmm i am a very sensitive ,reticent person trust me i am helpful too... but i dont spare any one who gets on my nerves.. i really get angry.. may be it is this thing that ppl hate in me or else i am a good mumma's child oh yeah admin am ready for ur tough questions

Admin: you dont spare anyone who gets on your nerves?
Stephen: yes yes i mean each and every word
Admin: when you yourself keep performing item songs on other people's nerves.. should not such a person be more sporting when others do the same to him?
Stephen: hey admin can i go for a min ....mom made maggie noodles for me i will be back till then u can eat ur food dear admin
Admin: come back and answer that question...i will be back in 10 mins after my dinner
Stephen: sure admin.. happy dinner o dear admin
Admin: same to you o great founder

Stephen: well... i knw wht i do is bad....i think after i do something and i regret for that...i know i have done many things like that to ppl who r very close to me....but when they do the same to me ...i get vexed.....am really trying to over come this thing and make sure that i turn into a good child from an angry young man.......but nw after my bhaiyya's kind words, i am fine and taking things sportingly....he changed me admin.. i am grateful to him....i dnt knw why i hurt people by my words....i cause harm to them thru my words.....
Admin: there have been two instances when u have threatened to quit blogging? Does it have no importance to you?
Stephen: well
Admin: still hvin dinner...and wait for me to finish bro...
Stephen: ok ok admin well as i said i really dont knw wht i do when i get angry probably i deleted my old blog called "parables" which i made when i was 16....then later on at 19 i made this blog called " solitary writer" and i love each and every bit i write on this space of mine.....i threaten to quit my blogs....well blogs r important to every one who is a blogger....my blog means a lot to me....well there are certain things that happen which might hurt u ...may be at those 2 instance ...i must have lost my sense and hence those undesirable words and those actions and status messages and everything.....but later on i realize that whetever i had done was a total insane thing....and i feel bad ....i hurt some one very badly thru my actions which cud have seen the worst thing of my life...i wud have lost a best buddy fr the same reason and i wud have felt guilty for it ...

Admin: ohhh....n can we know who this is?
Stephen: i guess the entire lounge knows it..its my sandeep bhaaiii who threatened me that he would leave mumbai once and for all.... may be he didnt knew i was crying when he told me that
Admin: so do you admit tht ur actions have been immaturish?
Stephen: oh yeah i admit it.....see some times great leaders make a mistake must have heard of Czar nicolas naaa
Admin: n we expect we wont see a repeat
Stephen: well no no no repeat
Admin: we want Stephen to be there always... poking jokes at others...making fun... n yaa...taking jokes cracked on him in return as well :-)
Stephen: he will be here oh yeah well.. i love ppl cracking jokes on me.. i take it happily
but there have been 2 instances that hurt me a lot.. i wud prefer jokes which actually made sense... y wud some one write a single line and my name and call it a joke that means i am a big joke ehh y on earth wud some one do insane things like that..

Admin: do you think cracking jokes where you make to strip in the name of humour qualifies as a joke?
Stephen: well
Admin: we want honest answers ste
Stephen: well well jokes r jokes... shud make sense
suppose if some one writes STE : and calls u the biggest joke on world hw wud u take it.. tell me ...well i laughed when those guys wrote that grape festival,diwali dhamaka jokes on me

Admin: is it? Then why do you feel when your name was not even used?
Stephen: u wanted honest views ,isnt it.. what do u mean? about my name wasnt used.. enlighten me
Admin: it was "Ste" which was used....i think you have used "Arjun" and "Sandeep" in all the posts n humour that you cook
Stephen: common... why r u linking that to this?.. they r my frnds we do love writing humour posts
Admin: Dont you think so?
Stephen: thats nt to be taken seriously.. and most of my jokes make sense.. unlike sandeeps and arjuns nano ,pico ,terra humour

After few minutes.
Admin: ste.. sorry...dc some problems with my net.. so can we continue
Stephen: admn.. u r here.. thank god.. i was about to leave

Admin: "Suppose you have to go to a deserted island for a month with a beautiful girl. Just the two of you. What are the three things that you would carry?"
Stephen: hmm.. a water bottle
Admin: Stephen...once the question is asked...you have to answer it within 30 secs
how romantic!
Stephen: so that i can provide the girl with water when she gets thirsty
Admin: and...
Stephen: hmm few lipsticks and make up kits
Admin: how sad! and...
Stephen: so that when i get tired during the long walk ...i will ask her to make up and will look and enjoy her beauty and 3rd one u knowwwww dont need to say it here
Admin: wow.....how sad! :-) plz say we want to know
Stephen: why sad admin
Admin: SAD means Simply Awesome Daa :-)
Stephen: hahaha.. hehehe..haha this is supposed to be a humour chat:p
Admin: isnt love there forever!
Stephen: arey admin
Admin: do you have to pack it in a bag and take it along!
Stephen: offcourse
Admin: is it love....or lust? ;-)
Stephen: love... love matters more u see..... as we will be staying thre for a month....naa so off course by any chance if she likes me then :P fir toh its fun naa admin
Admin: well......so if you have to take three things along...it will be water bottle, lipstick n make up kit and love for her
Stephen: hahaha hey wait.. i rethink the 3rd option
Admin: And if its a boy done...no rethinking!
Stephen: that doesnt makes sense :p
Admin: its done n dusted...dont worry
Stephen: if its a boy then
Admin: Three things..
Stephen: a water bottle , some boxers, and a big basket containing fruits and eatables
Admin: can you explain the boxers bit plz?
Stephen: hahaha... arey in case in our journey if my boxers get torned off then i will borrow one of his boxers naaa.. so simble saar
Admin: you wont mind being without boxers when with a girl on an island...and with a boy..the boxers are on the essential list...plz explain
Stephen: well when did i say that with a girl i wud be without boxers
well even if the boxers get torned off when i am with the girl....i will some how manage naaa
:P wht say admin?

Admin: u never took boxers with you...means u will be without one when you wash off the one you are carrying... and with the guy you are making it a point to carry... we are confused you see ;-)
Stephen: i wont wash off naa.....
Admin: but why are you insisting on carrying one for the guy?
Stephen: for time being
Admin: you dont trust the guy? ;-)
Stephen: hahaha..well may be u cud say that
Admin: you have some confidence in your abilities to seduce guys haan?
Stephen: ppl get inspired in any way ...my frnd who knws if he swings the other way then wht wud happen to me.. wht sort of confidence admin.....y wud i seduce a guy u see am nt such types
Admin: hmmm....your answer forced me to think that way Stephen
Stephen: common asmin
Admin: coz you are hell bent on taking a boxer in your three things while with a guy!
Stephen: admin hahaha
Admin: who is asmin? tell us...who is asmin? isnt it a guy?
Stephen: i mean thats a typo error
Admin: why did you have to do this! noooooooo...nahiiiiiiiii
Stephen: Stupid Admin!!! :X
Admin: okay...on the same question...wont you take love along as you did for the girl on your journey.... for the boy!
Stephen: no no
Admin: very unfair of you to give boxer more importance than love!
Stephen: i wud take care and protect the guy
Admin: ;-) From?? you?
Stephen: what
Admin: Kya uska pyaar pyaar nahi hain Stephen? Kya ladki ka pyaar pyaar aur uska pyaar atyaachar?
Stephen: hahaha aap bhi naaa
Admin: answer o great Stephen
Stephen: haan aap aise kah sakte ho voh ladka toh mera bhaai jaan hai aur ladki meri jaan hai hope u got it sigh

Admin: Has your girlfriend stopped beating you?
Stephen: yes..no..er...yes..r noo well she doesnt beats me these days u see
Admin: Who is your jaan? Kajal or Sandeep? We see you mentioning jaan when commenting on her posts..then we see your dedication addressing Sandeep as jaan? ;-)
Stephen: both are my jaan
Admin: Care to explain?
Stephen: why wud i differentiate.. well both r my jaans hez my bhai jaan and she is my friend jaan
Admin: choose 1
Stephen: nw dont interpret this the other way...Sandeep

Admin: in all the rapid fire questions that follow...you have to choose one from the two options...and give a reasoning "Why" you selected that... ok? 10 secs for the response
Stephen: ok ok
Admin: Love or lust
Stephen: love ...coz love is something more meaningful tht binds u and ppl close to u

Admin: belly or butts
Stephen: grr.. butts lol no one sees belly during sight seeing :P hey fun was intended in that answer han

Admin: cigarettes or alcohol?
Stephen: alco....actually both r harmful ...but alco consumption can be controlled and depends on persons consumption and interest in the same

Admin: kiss or hug?
Stephen: ummm..a hug followed by a kiss

Admin: Slap or Kick?
Stephen: depends on wht hurts u the most
Admin: no depends n stuff like this!
Stephen: hope the impact of slap or kick isnt tht high
Admin: chosse one...and explain...
Stephen: slap.. got used to slap more than kicks.. simble
Admin: who slaps you? Your Gf?
Stephen: oh yeah u cud say that... almost every one frnds ,teachers etc

Admin: Slaps from GF or Slaps from a random girl?
Stephen: slaps from a random girl hahaha.. got used to get slapped from gf.. so for a change random girls

Admin: TSW or WL?
Stephen: WL is incomplete without TSW or TSW is incomplete without WL.. i prefer WL for the unique bond that this place has created

Admin: Leaving the lounge or Suicide?
Stephen: leaving the lounge is equivalent to commiting suicide.. i wont do either

Admin: Golu or Bhondu
Stephen: Bhondu is the girl naaa.. so i choose Bhondu

Admin: Parul or Kajal?
Stephen: Parul offcourse
Admin: who is he? ;-)
Stephen: i knw parul since 3 years
such a good friend she is......shez my best friend dear admin..shez a girl.:)

Admin: Years spent understanding a girl or Knowing someone inside out within days?
Stephen: years spent understanding a girl.. well hw will u knw a person in a short period of time ........
Admin: sometimes it takes eternity...n sometimes only a moment.. sometimes years may not be enough...sometimes minutes may!
Stephen: well
Admin: dont you think?
Stephen: that short time may be too short to knw all things abt the person. u see

Admin: If you know someone from ages...it wont take you years understanding that person
n if you do...you never knew that person...or will never know
Stephen or StepMAN?
Stephen: umm StepMAN is just a virtual image of Stephen

Admin: Gaon ki gori ya aaj ki chhori?
Stephen: gaaon ki gori ...coz village girls r imbued with good behaviours and the way they treat and respect elders is amazing.. so i prefer gaao ki gori... ladki dekh naa mere liye apne gaav se

Admin: hormones or chemical reactions?
Stephen: hormones
Admin: explain...u forgetting the rules
Stephen: hormonal imbalance cud be related to chemical reactions

Admin: Sandeep Balan or Sandeep Malan?
Stephen: Sandeep Balan
he is a sweetheart bhaiyya and comic part of him is Mr Malan

Admin: Poison or Sex?
Stephen: uhhh Sex.. Why poison haan?

Admin: male or female?
Stephen: female... an obvious answer if u ask mee.. hahaha
Admin: we wanted to know what are you?
Stephen: wht omg
Admin: you still stand by your answer? in the above question male or female....it was meant to ask what are you?
Stephen: well
Admin: n u answered female!
Stephen: i am a male
Admin: thanx
Stephen: sorry for that.. and y thanks..
Admin: for that enlightenment
Stephen: hahaha
Admin: you have no clue..males@lounge will go crazy!!
Stephen: see i won jester award in lounge naaa
Admin: ;-)
Stephen: so we r included in this funny category hehehe ask sandeep and arjun
Admin: Whom do you rate higher when it comes to sad posts? on the lounge?
Stephen: hmm sad posts... Gavrav... i read his dark poems quite often
and amazed

Admin: At happy poems?
Stephen: Kajal,Prats and Tan
Admin: Can you add a few lines on each of them
Stephen: Kajal - meri jaan ...i mean meri jaani dost...a poetess who writes good poems
Prats - my inspiration...some one frm whom i wud love getting poetry tips
Tan - my vision of an elder brother.... some one who isnpires me frm his posts
is it done?
Admin: Kajal or prats or Tan?
Stephen: all three
Admin: If you have to choose the best among them
Stephen: Prats

Admin: Who for fiction?
Stephen: Neha.. she is a guru in this genre.. read that Night series
and simbly amazed saar ;)

Stephen: Sandeep and Arjun
hey i cud even add Ste naa :P
Admin: Sandeep or Arjun or Ste?

Next day
Admin: hi ste
can we continue
Stephen: yes sure
Admin: one person whom you would rate better at that genre from the lounge?
hello.... u there??
Stephen: yes which genre
Admin: we were at humour
Stephen: yes sandeep.. i mean he is the king
Admin: why is that?
Stephen: and we r the ministers in this genre me and arjun
Admin: ha ha...king of the jungle kinds? is there always mayhem in this jungle?
Stephen: haha king of the lounge.. hehehe.. i mean.. this guy possess a liking for jokes n all
and the timings of his jokes r awesome.. i met him in person ...so trust me i can say this
Admin: is he any different from his online jester mode?
Stephen: hmm no no he is same online and offline... a jester who is tall just like sri lankan fast bowler MALINGA hey but no colored hairs like malinga heheh

Admin: B to the A to the B to the A...decipher that
Stephen: whats that.. BABA
i dont knw wht decipher means..i learnt one in SS.. but that decipher is something different i gues...is this rite?

Admin: What is the first thing you notice in a girl?
Stephen: attitude .. behavior whtever.. that matters the most naa admin
if ur asking the other way round then i wud say her eyes
Admin: elaborate on teh other way round
Stephen: umm well u come to knw abt the person frm her eyes eyes dont lie...... lol ...is it eyes or hips hahaa
Admin: What is the first thing you notice in a boy?
Stephen: the way he behaves.. behaviour and his physiq

Admin: and What is the first thing you notice in someone you have not met?
like many at the lounge
Stephen: writing skills.. i am talking abt lounge ppl whom i have never met

Admin: if you were to propose one girl from the lounge...who would it be?
Stephen: umm.. seriously no one
Admin: umm...who is that? ohh..that girl okay okay ;-)
Stephen: u knw naa
Admin: ya ya...i understood...the girl who blogs by the name "Seriously no one"...right?
Stephen: yes yes ;)

Admin: One crazy thing you would do with that "seriously no one" if you were left alone in a room for 24 hours
Stephen: talk and irritate her with my insane jokes
Admin: for 12 hours..
Stephen: still talk and may be sing
Admin: very creative... for 6 hours....
Stephen: am nt very creative like u see.. then i will ask her to dance with meeee
Admin: very good... for 1 hour?
Stephen: then i will talk ,sing and dance with her
Admin: wow...very good!
Stephen: yes so wanna reduce the time

Admin: 10 mins..
Stephen: will kiss her and run away :p
Admin: now now... when you had her for 24 hours...you talked with her... and when you had 10 mins...you kissed and ran away...
Stephen: yes yes yes
Admin: what kind of a behaviour is that? elaborate
Stephen: coz for 24 hr ,i will talk to her ...know her closely and then kiss her if for 10 min ...i wud kiss her and run away without knwoing her wht say admin
Admin: i think girls here at the lounge would kill you for this answer ;-) so...warning girls...
Stephen: well blame the person who asked me this question :p
Admin: dont meet ste for less than 10 mins... make sure that the meeting lasts 2 hours atleast!
Stephen: yes yes
Admin: you are not safe!
Stephen: ;) hahaha admin ur a jester ...u tok like sandeep hey hi sandeep is that you?
Admin: influence of sandeep...
Stephen: hehe next question pls

Admin: We have heard that you sport Vivek oberoi's hairstyle...is it true?
Stephen: i really dont think so
Admin: We heard that the kid whom we saw in "chota Ste" actually resembles you? Even your sis acknowledged the close resemblance.... Is it true?
Stephen: no that isnt me
Admin: We never said its you...We asked does it resemble you? we have heard a lot of people claim that stephen actually looks like that
Stephen: yes yes u can say that
Admin: how on earth could someone manage that? people go to all lengths for you haan... some following you have
Stephen: yes .. they r jobless ppl ... dnt have any work... so they follow ppl like me

Admin: Blog to fart...or fart to blog?
Stephen: well i guess u want to trick me with such questions ehh
Admin: we just want to see your out of the box thinking!
Stephen: i write my thoughts ...may be anything running on my mind ..i write it on my blog ....that r the thoughts wht r farted ...lol...

Admin: breathe to kiss...kiss to breathe?
Stephen: breathe to kiss u live a life to knw ppl ...i mean breathe to kiss....is that ok without living hw wud u kiss any one
Admin: is that your ultimate goal in life? you breathe to kiss!!!
Stephen: well that isnt my goal... when did i say thts my goal
Admin: i never said you had to choose one out of the two...
Stephen: ur question demands answers like that..
Admin: you could have said...i breathe to live...n kiss is just a small part of that life ;-) he eh eh you breathe only to kiss...
Stephen: well thats wht i mean
Admin: girls... stay away from ste!
Stephen: living is important yes yes
Admin: or put a clip on his nose before starting off a conversation
Stephen: i will get a new image amongst girls after this interview thanks a lot admin
Admin: no stephen..your thought process is unique
Stephen: whatever hehe

Admin: Now, Lets see what members have to ask you?
Stephen: Ok
Admin: Kajal asks"What would you like to tell a lounge member who is suffering from "lounge x-box leaving syndrome"?
Stephen:Well i wud say please dont leave the lounge for any reason......take a break ..its fine..but leaving lounge is nt good...WL is like ur own family ..u got ur friends here ...wl is like ur own mother...leaving lounge will be like leaving ur mother and ur family..... and guess that tells everything.

Admin: aparna asks: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them.
Stephen: My grandfather ...and say that i love him and miss him he was the one whom i loved ...much more than my parents i was just 5 when he passed away i dint even see his face as he was in our home town i wud just say hw i loved him and nw how i miss him

Admin: prats asks...why am i good at teaching poetry and bad at asking questions?
Stephen: hahaha only you can answer this......but on a serious note .ur a talented person blessed with gr8 writing skills...i am talking abt poems.

Admin: Prats asks... Most difficult thing as an admin for WL?
Stephen: manage lounge

Admin: Insiya asks...for stephen what "stephen" is?
Stephen: for me stephen is just another ordinary boy frm mumbai who excelled and topped every exams during his school days ... and who curses his fate and engineering which ruined his life....... in short a dumb character

Admin: One thing that nobody knows about you?
Stephen: that i can dance ;) no one knws it

Admin: Charu asks...What's the secret of your unending humourous streak?
Stephen: hahaa not unending charu...... i am nt a humour writer....seasonal u can say....just go thru my blog and u will knw that most of my writes r related to social awareness ,thoughts and fictions......i dnt knw whts the secret...just laugh and make others laugh ....may be that wud answer ur question i alway believe in keeping ppl around me happy

Admin: chirag asks... tell the name of the girl from lounge jisako woh love karta hain.....and one name compulsory baki jitane chahe utane bata de....but ladkiyon ke hi bataana...bharosa nahi hain tera
Stephen: chirag yaar aap bhi naaa umm difficult one yaar asbah... i love her as my best frnd.. meri sabse achhi dost hai.. kaafi hai.. coz yehi voh ladki thi jisse meine yeh writers lounge blog banane ke liye discuss ki thii.. and the only girl with whom i spoke... first online girl

Admin: could you elborate more on the cou-founders of our lounge...what qualities they bring on board...what kind of individuals are they...strong points...etc.
Stephen: asbah....she is a sweethheart for sure....we both actually implemented our dreams of starting an online community of a group blog.......well shez a gem of a writer.. a gr8 poetess and a person without whom our lounge will be like a person with body but no soul...she has added flavour to our lounge...she has always taken the inititiative eg by starting the contest which just came out as a co incidence as the other night it was raining in islamabad
about SANDEEP..our guru ..a mentor and the big brother of our lounge...without him the lounge would be nothing...its his creative ideas that added to the success of our blog.. he comes up with gr8 ideas nw and then which is useful
hugs sandeep and asbah.. love both of u.. thanks a lot as without u lounge will be dead

Admin: sandeep asks...what according to you is [(a+b) the whole square]
Stephen: haha as an engineering studnt i wud say that its a mathematical formula used for calculating factor.. ask whom wht answer he expects
Admin: he says...a is asbah...b is balan...and square factor is you...all three combine to make the writers lounge
Stephen: well thats a creative answer
Admin: your comments...is it true? makes sense?
Stephen: no wonder i thot on similar lines too :p yes yes it does
Admin: i can see that ;-)
Stephen: i mean add another 'c' on it for me.

Admin: leo asks... why is the name solitary writer? is it because you write only when alone? or does that loneliness itself inspire you?
Stephen: well thats a long story friend... in the phase where childrens grew up with friends ....i travelled all alone to study different tution classes and alll......parents went to work....even if i was at home i wud be alone......this solitude itself is one of the main reason ...and i enjoyed writing....yes u cud say lonliness inspired me to write....at times when there is no one....i just write and express it thru my blog....coz i see my best frnd thru this blog

Admin: asbah asks....how do you think so Out of the skin?
Stephen: asbah asbah asbah .... i dont think so...u think so.. hahaha
infact i shud ask this question to u and sandeep

Admin: neha asks..."WL has seen a lot of leg pulling and you also have been actively involved in it. Where, as admin and as one of the founder members of WL, would you draw the line?"
Stephen: haha well i seriously dont need to say anything coz we love this leg pulling business and as an admin or a founder i dont feel tht anything needs to be done....until something serious happens coz i knw ppl will nt cross their limits..so neha.. do u still need to draw the line..hehehe ..

Admin: i beleive its all fine in the familyh this is a humane lounge
Stephen: offcourse we r a family of 70 ppl.. a lounge
Admin: lounge which stands on the pillar of humane
Stephen: dont u pull or play prank with ur sister or brother well if u consider this place a sa family y wud u feel bad
Admin: and the bond is still strong...it becomes stronger...right? thats a great answer admin
Stephen: it does
Admin: and co-founder
Stephen: our lounge is a symbol for harmony.. founded by me,sandeep and asbah.. a muslim,hindu and christian wht else do we need... we have a long way to go... wht say asbah and sandeep?

Admin: Whom would you award the best lounger award? and why?if you were to award
Stephen: well i would award kajal singh... in her writes i observe something which i dont find in any one.....not biased.....like i am used to reading her blogs ..she expreses her feelings thru her posts and sme way or the other makes u wonder if we cud do the same her poetries reveal her state of mind .. her replies dedications everything is amazing

Admin: What is your take on golu-bhondu? fiction or reality?
Stephen: well i wud prefer it to be a fiction..... if its reality then i wud be jealous of golu..
Admin: why so?
Stephen: for getting a good partner like bhondu
Admin: ha ha ha...
Stephen: well i do feel that

Admin: and who would be the runner up for the best lounger?
Stephen: runner up wud be prats...a person who inspires every one thru her poems her poems r enough her teachings and experimental stuffs

Admin: one person who experiements with every genre?
Stephen: sandeep although he is a guru in humour..he has tried his hands in fiction,roamance,philosophy etc but i am sad as he doesnt writes any poem.. i will make him write poem one day hahaha and post it on lounge

Admin: he he...we would like to read his poems... you like his sad endings?
Stephen: well to be honest.. i have never seen him sad... well i want the same to be reflected in all the stories or posts that he writes.. else it feels bad.. i read his first contest entry ydat,today ,tmrw.. i was a bit upset after reading the 2 parts.. finally the girl goes with his roomie.. why on earth wud he prefer such a sad ending

Admin: three people from the lounge you would die for?
Stephen: sandeep,asbah and kajal
Admin: three person from the lounge you would want to stay forever at the lounge
Stephen: sandeep,asbah,kajal

Admin:Any message for Sandeep and Asbah
Stephen: Together we will and together we can create magic...so lets plan and work together and make this place more beautiful ..what say guys??

Admin: Any message for Loungers?
Stephen: Well,Its because of you what our lounge is today....be with us forever and create and share the bond together and forever ....together we can and together we will...

After few minutes.
Admin: ha ha ha...
ur dad came?
Stephen: yes
Admin: u get beaten?
Stephen: naa ,only scolding

Admin: it was nice talking to you...
Stephen: same here
Admin: good night o founder
Stephen: Good night admin :)

Next Monday Delight with Kajal Singh


  1. Nice interview, Stephen! nd thnx fr mentioning me albeit wid a typo! :P
    Its Gaurav!
    bt TY nyways! luvd reading dis one! :)

  2. Admin: TSW or WL?
    Stephen: WL is incomplete without TSW or TSW is incomplete without WL.. i prefer WL for the unique bond that this place has created

    Admin: Leaving the lounge or Suicide?
    Stephen: leaving the lounge is equivalent to commiting suicide.. i wont do either

    LOL !

    hey who's Parulllllll !!!

    gaoun ki gouri... hmm !


    for many answers i can kill you :P
    but for the rest, i may let you live :P cancels each other

    Blog to fart...or fart to blog?
    Stephen: well i guess u want to trick me with such questions ehh

    My My !! :P

    The first gal of lounge you spoke to ;) and the credit goes to me?? :P :P

    So much love, yaay!
    already swelling :) :)

    Admin: he says...a is asbah...b is balan...and square factor is you...all three combine to make the writers lounge!

    LOVED IT! (yes in caps)

    : our lounge is a symbol for harmony.. founded by me,sandeep and asbah.. a muslim,hindu and christian wht else do we need... we have a long way to go... wht say asbah and sandeep?

    All, my dear, is said :)

    ty ty for all ste, really :)

    yes, together - we create magic :)

    Loved all of it :)
    got to know a lot abt you :P

    and abt your TSW !

    all the best ste :)
    wishes and prayers,

  3. yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! what an interview! What an interview! I can almost see you sweating in between....he he he!! whoa! whoa!

    hail hail ste!! where are your boxers??

  4. i am totally touched and feel so loved!

    how sweet are you ste? total bacchu types.. :) mera chhotu sa 6'1" cute little friend.. :) love you da...

    nee thaan ennoda special friend da eppome!!..

    god bless!!

    i am here for you!!

    a big hug!!

    (silently calls Asbah and Sandeep to join the hug)

    *a group hug!! :)


  5. Hey hey hey..
    Lovely interview here..:)
    Very well done Ste..

  6. i laughed like anything reading it !! i rarelty sacrifice my sleep for anything .. but this post did got me hooked !! loved this !! thanks Ste for the ptraises you bestow on me !!

  7. wow i loved this interview ...it was just amazing....totally hooked me...loved it :-)

  8. good one.....
    I was waiting for this one ever since i saw admin's Gtalk custom message abt yr interview....

    Looking forward for the kariyo gal... :P

  9. hey i was really waiting for it..Enjoyed it Loved to read it.


    You are the man !!

  10. Nice job admin ..really Nice job ....

  11. nice yaar
    jawab de diya tune mere que ka kafi acche se

  12. Ha ha ha perfect post for the closing day of LOL contest :P

  13. subber subber subber

    ste that was a cracpot of interesting read.... ... ROFLMAO

    ste , you can dance eh :P

    there are other things which i can mention here, but then it would be posting almost the whole of interv so, guess it wud be better not too :D :P

    subber once again ;)

  14. the admin asked u tough Questions ste...but u handled it well

    who is 'seriously no one' hmmmm?

  15. Monday gone, Tuesday Gone and I am waiting for Pink Orchid's interview!


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