April 25, 2009

Like The Rain I Have Fallen For You ..

I walked holding my gown up in one of my hand and my heels in the other hand.He said "You look beautiful" ! My face showed my expressions before i could even realise that I'm blushing.I threw away my heels and ran into his arms.He closed my eyes with his tender hands and asked me to walk along with him.

As we walked i could feel the cool sand caressing my feet.I could hear the thunder sound of massive waves.He opened my eyes and i stood in front of the sea shore.Me with him and the moonlit beach.I was spellbound at the sight.His presence graced the beauty of the sea.He put his hand on my waist.Never i have felt so safe.

We both stood there watching the sea immovable.Dreamy conversation went on.I could feel his warmth around my body.His manly smell driving me crazy.My madness increasing.He pulled me close to him.Held my hand and we danced to the music of the serene sea.I rest my head on his shoulder.His protection around my waist.

I knew he was the one for me.He slowly moved his soft lips on my cheeks.My heart beating so fast.I moved my face standing on the tip of my toe, pressed my lips gently on his lips.The gentle, passionate kiss was so perfect for the night.The joy in my heart made my face radiant as the moon.We walked along the sea shore, holding each other's hand.The silence fell between us.Our hearts talking to each other.

My love for him is deeper than the ocean,Higher than the sky,more beautiful than the full moon.I was floating on the clouds.Suddenly the thunderstorm brought me down to earth.I wondered did the heaven's plan my romantic night with the moon, sea and the rain all together??

As the rain drops hit the sand,I whispered, i am falling for you just like rain.Kiss in the rain was like tasting the love.We sat down on the wet sand,surrounded by the cool soothing air and dipped in the shower of love.No measure for my happiness.I silently wished the moon would never set, sun would never rise and the night would never end, for i want to live this way whole my life !


  1. you sure are one romantic girl!
    This is like anybody's dream! beautiful.

  2. vasudha
    vivid description....u have this skill of story telling especially romance and mush. ..coz its the most difficult thing to write.....and u have made it so easy....nice a perfect delight for a weekend...super...get more coming...

    romba nalla erukku :D

  3. and yeah...the description was amazing.....:)

  4. @Pisku
    Yea dear i am one hell of a romantic person ! :p
    I totally agree.. Thanx a ton ..

  5. @Solitary
    Thanx macha.. :)

  6. aawwwww it was so romantic and mushy...loved the description..


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