April 25, 2009

chain poetry-8(Unfaithful Yet Adorable)

continued from shweta's word

Love that I lost with the real me,

My heart isn’t how it used to be,
On my lips it’s still your name,
My tears still reflect your image same.

You have fun breaking hearts all the while,
I got mine broken just to see that smile,

You'll never know what this pain means to me,
In my heart’s broken pieces, you’ll always be.

(this was my first try at chain poetry and i thanks kajal for this because i wrote all the lines in hindi and she helped me to translate this in english and show a way to me to write in english and this poem is dedicated to kajal and all appreciation goes to her for this poem)


  1. awweee :) you didnt have to dedicate it to me.. your thoughts were so beautiful ki poem likhna to banta tha yaar.. :) congratulations .. :)

  2. @kajal
    but it seems much better in english than in hindi


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