April 24, 2009

Riding Into The Sun.......

The tarmac hissing softly,
Zipping away beneath my wheels,
An inner sanctum of peace I find,
At these exceedingly high speeds!

On and On, the road winds,
Climbing mountains high and huge,
A deep chasm beckoning on the side,
The sea pounding, on the rocks in a surge!

Beyond, the final rise I spy,
The huge orb of fire, you, the sun,
A ferocious dazzling mixture of hues,
With unabashed glee, you rage and burn,

To seek you, I have set out,
TO be one with you, is all I yearn for,
Embrace me, take me in your arms,
My hurt melting away, withering from the core!

Left all my worries, my pain,
Everything back at the start,
There's no one waiting back there for me,
No one who would care, none from whom I had to part!

To this world, A final wave,
A salute from the heart I return,
As I surge into the blazing sphere,
And fade away, riding into the sun!!!


  1. OMG!! Tats sooo awesomly kewl dude..Outstanding..Marvellous !
    A gorgeous poem..

    No doubt 5 stars ***** !

  2. loved it mav....mised ur poem....the detailed expression is just worth an applause...kudos dude

  3. woaaaaaa! what imagery Mav! you brought the heat of a different kind! it was fantastic! riding into the sun..

    khud ko dard dene ka ye kaisa fasana hai,
    pehle hi kya ghaav kam hai, jo gam ko aur jalana hai?

    sorry your poem brought these lines to my head


  4. @ Blossomblue

    Thank u so much! am glad u likd it! :)

  5. @ I, Me and Myself

    Thanx Shweta....missin my poems is a big thng fr me! :)
    am happy to hav written sumthng dat appealed to u! :)

  6. @ Pink

    Thanx Kajal...Ur lines were oh so beautiful....

    dard se rone ki,
    is dil ko aisi aadat si ho gayi hain,
    Ab to yeh haalat hain,
    ki shayad gam ko peene ki,
    hamein lat si lag gayi hain!

    thnx fr readin dis! *hugs back*

  7. woww.....omg...written so well...beautiful bro

    i was mesmerized by the words u use.

  8. *sigh*

    this is going to be the third poem, not written by me, I'll write in my diary.

  9. gam ki lat.. uffff.. intense!!

  10. @ .a.

    Asbah...u mak me feel so privileged...dat my wrk finds a place in da personal diary of a princess is a huge honour fr me....btw ur diary shld b a coveted treasure by nw..... :P

    Thnx fr dis. :)

  11. @ Pink

    Intense is evry emotion I feel des days, kajal! Cant help it! :)


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