April 4, 2009

Lessons in Excellence - III

Pre-script: Inspired from Lessons in Excellence - II

Prats: Jab tak rahega samose mein aaloo,
Lounge: Tab tak rahega leg pulling chaloo.
Prats: Jab tak hai hathoon mein hath,
Lounge : Tab tak lagayenge Ste ka watt !!

Prats: very good..very good! Now rhyme this...

Prats: 'Tu tu tu… tu tu tara…'
Lounge: Chota Ste hai bohot pyara :)
Prats: Mere dil mein phir se ek khayal aya
Lounge: Kya Ste ne aaj phir nahi nahaya???

Prats: This style of poetry is called " Jobless style " poetry.Made famous by a student of some Balan guy.

Lounge: *Takes notes. Nod their heads & Look on with admiration*

#of lines 11


  1. Heehehhehe :P

    good continuation hasan... err...tis balan guy nd his style of poetry..... :D.... naa faltoo..naa bhekar... bhas sirf majaak wit msg :P

  2. ahaan..
    This gettin better ..Intersting POetry Styles...;)


  3. poor Ste !! he is such a cute one to read all ds wd a smile ;)


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