April 4, 2009

The C.C Situation

Prescript: Rak and Kev are waiting in queue, to get their stuff billed at the city’s biggest mall. They have been recruited straight from college by a prestigious construction company just a week ago

Kev: Check out all the grocery she has bought, I bet she is getting ready for Armageddon

Rak: Shut up and see whether she is paying by cash or card

Kev: Why are you so nervous? We have enough credit in that thing

Rak: Dude, I know about credit and debit, it’s just that I have never used a credit card before

Kev: Chill dude, it’s just like how we do with the other card. Hey, it’s our turn… remind him that the shirt come with a 50% discount

While the cashier billed the items, Kev produced a one rupee coin from his jeans pocket and gave it to Rak

Cashier: Cash or card, sir?

Kev: He is paying by card…. credit card!!

Kev took the bill from the cashier and flashed a confident smile; the same smile which he believes got him through the HR round. While he scrutinised the receipt, the cashier stretched himself and started popping his knuckles



Rak, on the other hand, almost in slow motion, took out the virgin credit card from his purse…. kept it on the counter… and with the one rupee coin, started scratching the magnetic stripe.

I love telling this story, even though Rak gave us a treat to keep this incident, which never occurred, a secret :D

Lines: ten, tenaana, ten, ten....


  1. :P

    btw i dint get it... was he foolin around... :D

  2. ha ha.. you didn't get it? i should have put ya name instead of Rak..

    Rak didnt know how to use the credit card. He assumed it works like the mobile phone recharge card, so he started scratching the magnetic stripe...

    purinjitaa?? :p

  3. Good one.. The lines !!!
    Ten tenaa Ten... :P ;)

  4. So you mean.. Rak ended up paying for it and the customer got over with one rupee?? LOL!!!

  5. ha ha ha !! how embarassing !!

  6. recharge voucher samjha kya???? :O
    :D :D :D


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