April 4, 2009

2009 Elections!!!!

Prats: Guys!! Its Election time...so tell me you guys gonna vote for whom?..
Kajal: I will vote for Laloo Prasad.
Faiz: me for P Chidambaram.
Hashan: Me for Manmohan Singh..
Nandini: I will vote for Milind Deora
Kings: Jayalalitha.
Ste: I will vote for Sharad Pawar
Tan: I will vote for LK Advani.
Hashan: Me for Yedurappa.
Sandeep : I will vote for Mr.Barack Obama
Tan,Prats,Nandini,Hashan,Kajal,Ste and Kings in Unison: What??????
Sandeep :Obama is the one who is contesting from "Trichur" naa

Lines :12


  1. :P nice, who ever just VOTE !!!

    But do that wisely :D , and for sandy he can got amerigaa to vote for barack..... :P

    hey, ste naan jayalalitha ku laam vote poda maaten., intha vaati vijay kant'ku thaan ... ;)

  2. hehehehe...
    Yea yea OBAMA is duin tht fr sureee..;)

  3. simblee superb Ste
    hahahaha...:P :P :P

  4. he he....I guess obama is contesting from Rai-bairelli...
    noone except from the gandhi family has ever won there...forget abt an african-american.. :P
    they need a change....and yes they can... :D


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