April 7, 2009

The Great Recession

Employees: We need recognition for our work!
HR SPOC: Please don't create a scene here
Employees: What do you mean by saying that we won't be promoted this year? Despite performing exceedingly well!
HR SPOC: You need to understand the market dynamics. We are on the cost-cutting drive.
Employees: We need recognition. We need recognition.
*HR SPOC heads towards HR head's cabin to discuss*
HR SPOC: Sir, they are not willing to even hear me out. This is the letter they have handed to me which has been signed by 100 employees.
HR Head: Hmmm...100 employees..They need recognition right? Sack 60 of them at random. The remaining 40 will automatically feel recognised!

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  1. ouch!! heartless boss!! :P

  2. he he.....so true abt the present situation.... :D

  3. A boss in difficult times..resorting to difficult measures, well said SB, very true ;)

  4. The situation management !! hehehe.. its true though
    Loved it Sandeep :))

  5. This one is the true reflection of the current times..But in an Interestingly funny way..:)


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