April 7, 2009

Mama's Secret Muse

Me: So Howzz ur chick??
Ste: my chick rocks man
Me: I know...my sources tell me that :D
Ste: hahaha
She’s coming to Mumbai in may
Me: Ohh..So who is it really...Is it her (takes a name of a blogger on the Lounge) ??
Ste: Saale she looks like an aunty ...lol...Give me some respect :D
Me: Ohh.. so is it her then(takes a name of another blogger on the Lounge) ??
Ste: I like her but she’s already commited :(
Me: then who is it? No wait I know is it her?(takes a name of someone else on the lounge)
Ste: arey nahin ..She’s my sister re
Me: Then who is it ??
Ste: Arey she’s in Orkut re..A Damsel..She’s coming to Mumbai soon ..Will meet her then.

Damn...A Damsel :P
So who is it Stephen :D


  1. i know of a damsel... kya ye wo hai? aur tune kis blogger ko aunty bola oye ste!!!!

  2. cought :))
    mujhe kuch idea aaraha hai ste..:p
    let me come up with something :p
    anyways Nice one Anurag...lol :D

  3. The MYstery is ON...!!
    Still On...!! ;)

  4. ohhh!!!



    nice one anurag ;)


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