April 24, 2009

Chain Poetry 3 (Eyes of destiny stringently stare)

PS: Guys my post got deleted by mistake.... This is the 3rd in chain poetry. Sorry for the messup! ;)

Gave all till now,
To you with heart unplugged,
Gave smiles and took tears,
Gave everything but didnt give up.

Full circle reached, tables turned now,
Have all smiles nothing to bear,
Still void of the original YOU remain,
Eyes of destiny, stringently stare.


  1. I loved the last line and it conveys so much or maybe im just reading too much into it.. I dont know... But each sentence just felt apt!

  2. wow! it was intense! the storywriter is a wonderful poet too.. :)

  3. I really loved reading it ... but it vanished wen i returned to comment ... and Lo!! Its here again !! kudos dude !! :)

  4. thnx prats...!

    Ya i know it vanished.....it got deleted by mistake.... ;P

  5. a lovely one....sweet and touching :)

  6. so i was the cruel one to make u delete such a lovely post...sorry...


    what should i say...its of the direct heart touching types...
    lovely sweety...

  7. @Shweta
    Na..its ok..i can expect such stupidity from you.. ;P

    and thanx..i knew you would like it...

  8. @Pulkit.
    Thanks brother... hope to see you around at my blog too.... ;)


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