April 4, 2009

Campus placements V

Sandeep: Shit! No problem. Paapi pet ke liye yeh bhi sahi
Ste: Booo...boooo...ha ha ha
Placecomm member: Neha, you are wanted inside
Neha: May I come in Sir?
Interviewer: Hi Neha. We are impressed with your credentials.
Neha: Thank you sir.
Interviewer: Can you please fill in your email id so that we could be in touch with you?
Neha: Errr...Sir, Can i give you my email id in an hour? I need to make a new one.
Interviewer: We have to forward your email id to our corporate office this instant. Don't tell me you don't have one!
Neha: I do sir. But...but...I had made this one back in school...
Interviewer: Give us that one atleast. You could update us with the new one later.
Neha: It's...It's....Sir...but...
Interviewer: It's fine. Tell me...
Neha: hotnehacutiepie84@gmail.com


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