April 4, 2009

Campus Placements VI

Pre-script: In continuation of this post. The Interviewer calls Sandeep while he was excited with his newly found "Cream" Job.

Sandeep: May I come in Sir.
Interviewer: Sandeep, we have a bad news for you after reading your Resume.
Sandeep: What Bad news!! Sir, Is my package increasing? *winks*
Interviewer: Sandeep ,we are not in a position to recruit you because of your "Yem Bee Aye " degree.We want eligible candidates with "MBA" and not "Yem Bee Aye" degree.
Sandeep: Sir, even Ste and Neha have done the same course.
Interviewer: No ,Sandeep. They have valid "MBA" degree in their hand.
Sandeep: Oh my god! My Institute fooled me by offering me a course in "Yem Bee Aye"
Interviewer: Oh!!
Sandeep:Why didn't I realize this when I was the only one attending lectures during my "Yem Bee Aye" class. :(
Interviewer: We are really sorry Sandeep. Good luck for your future.
Sandeep: Huh ! What future Sir? What can I do with this "Yem Bee Aye".


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