April 4, 2009

Campus Placements IV

Pre-script: In continuation of this post. The results of campus placements are announced.

Sandeep: Ste, Neha.. boooo... to you two!!! Yaays! Whatta beginning I got! To start off with marketing, that too digital marketing... with such a nice company... Ideaaa cellullar... Wow... I tell you I am the best!
Ste: My April fool joke cost me too much. Now what will happen to me?
Neha: They gave Sandy the job, despite me having a CGPA of 4 on 4! That's so unfair!
Meanwhile, Placecomm member comes to make announcements.
Placecomm member: (Announces) Sandeep....
Sandeep: (excitedly) Yes!
Placecomm member: The company has indicated that they want you to join right away. You will be working on a project called "Marks se No Marks. Ab sach mein possible!"
Sandeep: (confused) eh... what's that? You must be mistaken. I have got a job with Ideaa Cellullar!
Placecomm member: Heheheh... Ideaa Cellullar, aur tu? YOU must be mistaken! Jaa.. ab cream bech! "Marks se no marks..."

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