April 3, 2009

Campus placements - III

Pre Script: In continuation of this post

Interviewer: Next please
Neha: May I come in Sir?
Interviewer: Hi Neha. Good evening. Tell us something about yourself
Neha: Before I start off answering your questions, I would like to bring to your notice that i have a CGPA (cumulative grade) of 4 out of 4.
*Interviewer looks at her wide eyed*
Interviewer: Do you have any questions for us?

(#Lines - 6)


  1. bravo... neha the genius... bravo... that was a walkover i g uess :P :D ;)

    nice one sb ;)

  2. tu ruk Sandeep!! tu ruk... was it Neha?? mammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

  3. @ Sandy

    Mehnat karke mila hai yeh CGPA. Aise hi nahi ki tu uska joke bana de. :P

  4. 4 of 4, for real?? i used to get 4 of 25 in internals... :(

  5. 4 of 4 is a good score ... in My college, it would mean something like 88 to 90 % ... how bad na? Anyways... laugh it away!!!!

  6. Awesome.. I guess we can make short flick on it...


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