March 11, 2009

Monday Delight - A WL Interview Series

To WL Family,

It is matter of great pride that The Writer's Lounge is growing at a frantic pace and the creativity is flowing flawlessly. The way, family members are getting along and motivating each other is surely adding more shimmer to this space. To add to this, WL is announcing an interview series, where a lounge member will be interviewed every monday. This could be any one of you. The number of questions will be 25, to which honest answers are sought. A time span will the be given to the interviewee and the questions have to be within that time span. All the members are expected to add the WL admin id to their gtalk (

We are sure it will be great fun knowing more about each other.

Our first interviewee will be Prats aka Pretty me !!


  1. *me loving it* :)

    *waiting for prats' mystery to un-reveal itself :)

  2. hey this is interesting...we'll get to know more abt ourselves, gr8 initiative... precursor to the wl meet ...i'm lovin it :)

  3. wow wow wow!!
    brilliant idea!!

    i m loving it!!!
    yeyyyyyyy ;)

  4. Hehehe ... Interview??? Nice nice ... lets see how it comes out ...

    Pratibha.. best of luck!!

  5. this is a brilliant idea to get to know each wud be fun too

  6. Awwee.... this is cool, really cool!

    Don't tell me this didn't get inspired by some of us getting interviewed by Pak Spectator... :P

    best of luck Prats!

  7. Wen i started reading, i was like WOW !!! nice to read about my buddies .. but as i read the last line .. it was like .


    wat will u ask ????

    neway.. go on !! m looking forward to it :)

  8. Hey... gr8 initiative guys!!

    One suggestion though... can you pick up one of the lounge members to interview another member rather than admin doing it? I think that'd be kinda fun!

    @ Prats
    All your secrets are going to be put in the open !!! ;) Looking forward to it!

  9. nice suggestion Neha !!! or we can just let admin ask 20 ques n rest 5 from the WL members ;)

  10. gr8 idea......
    waiting for monday.....

    I think we can mail in some of the questions to the admistrator....
    they can choose the best from the lot....

  11. @Akansha: hheeheheh but nothing can be like a WL interview. :) what say ?

  12. @Prats: looking forward to reading your interview girlie.. :)

  13. Now dats a very innovative and interesting IDEa...
    Looking forward to it..

  14. Gud luck pratsie. Bet ur going to face the arnab of our lounge.U realy gona hve a bad time wit the questions.Hehehe.Am looking frwrd 4 it.Thumbs up

  15. dnt worry about me Ste .. i will love to answer any number of questions for you all here !!

  16. yeah i am also for the emailing questions and picking best 25 out of it, what say guys?

  17. @asbah: oh yes.. emailing the questions to the admin sounds like great will increase the data base for sure and the surprise factor will be boundless.. :) i am all for it too.. :D

  18. @kajal
    Yups... :D

    I too think asbah's idea is good!

  19. yeahh!!! superb idea!!!
    and Prats to start off..!!! even better!!!

    goood luck Prats!! :D :D

  20. yes guys good luck prats....and wait for more fun and its the best way to kn ow our frnds

  21. aks

    u cud say that its inspired frm pak spectator

    but this is for our very own wl people

  22. Great! Nice idea... I am sure it would be a lot of fun :) Looking forward to Monday :)

  23. huh..i m late here too...

    good luck prats...

    hopin my chance neva cms ;)..m afraid of interviews *scary*

  24. ooo nice nice.. :) cant wait to see the interview now :)


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