March 10, 2009

Stoned and Softened....


Unattached, unreal,
I tread the path of life,
Loaded with but little zeal,
I let each day go by,
There was a time when I loved,
Like no one else could,
But now I feel nothing,
And guess, I never would,
A scarred heart beats inside me,
Dejected, disowned,
With no hope in my vicinity,
Now I have stoned!


Paths I tread, a few,
But needy I see, many,
Craving for love too,
And for company,
I have forgotten how to love,
But I need to learn again,
To relieve some of other’s,
And some of my own pain,
Time and experience are great teachers,
Teach me to mend the broken,
As my wounds start healing,
Again, I soften!


  1. wowww...great hai!!
    too gud lil finger....simply awesome...

    lil diffr from ur usual style...n totally amazing! :)

  2. thanks pinks... was tryin to do sumthin different..esp for d lounge.. glad u liked it..!!

  3. Nice one Mona! Awesomely expressed transition from dejection to hope!
    Keep writing! :)

  4. really indeed mona

    time and experience are the greatest teachers

    nice sweet poem dear

  5. Iam touched by ur poem Mona.stoned and softened..very unique title and the flow of poem is too good.

    "Time and experience are great teachers,
    Teach me to mend the broken,
    As my wounds start healing"

    these lines are excellent.keep writing!!

  6. @ aparna and crystal .. thank u so much...

  7. Hey...

    first, apologies for reading your poems as an editor first and a sister later (should be the other way round) and for commenting so late!

    I sometimes wonder if there were no heartbreaks, how would such brilliant stuff be created? A heartbreak is so much inspiration for writers and poets!

    And one more thing lil sis'... I have been reading your poems and have to acknowledge that they really inspire me... to hope to find love... and love again... Thanks for that!


  8. That was emphatic, meaningfull and intelligent way of conveying emotional feelings. Well writen mona, absolutely loved it, too good. This poem can mean a lot to all the broken hearts and those who are down feeling like stoned :)

  9. This was just perfect !! we often get so engrossed i our pain that we close the doors to hapiness .. i loved the way you wrote the message in the second part .. kudos !

  10. i applaud the transition.. very thoughtful! :)

  11. awww tht was nice..

    kind of shows u what life is all about :)


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