March 11, 2009

The mistake,man has done since Adam's...

Writhing in pain,screaming in dark,
My soul being clasped in mysery

Desperately trying to free itself,
From the clenches of agony gripping my soul

Thrawling away in momentary pleasures,
Searching for perfections,which really are fictious.

The mind never stops its fight over a soul,
weak enough to be enslaved.

The conflict persists between the,
soul-blessed with love,honesty and simplicity &
mind-with a cache of deception,disdain
and excessive ambitions,
lured easily by luxury,misgivings and myths..

The struggle continues..until finally,
my soul stops enduring the conflict.
Surrenders itself,defeated and tormented..

The darkness envelops,
the shackles too bind strongly.

The deceptive mind,convinced,
being powerful & successful,
Ignores the bleeding soul,
immured,agonising,crying for help,
trying in vain to knock sense.

Years pass,I succeed materialistically,
yet, I remain miserable,unable to appease,
the desires of my perceptions.

Then,I remember,the moment,
I had let my soul lose the conflict
The soul- which I had,
long since imprisoned away,in darkness
with chains soo strongly bound,
that are too late to be unleashed..

I regret now, in deep anguish,
for ignoring my soul,
which otherwise would have,
given me its blessings.

I realise now,surrounded by darkness,
bound in shackles,
The mistake,man has done since Adam's


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  2. This poem serves to be an eye-opener for anyone who believe in transient materialistic pleasures rather than giving importance to simplicity and other virtues.

    the conflict between mind and soul is unresolvble has been performing this mistake since his creation on earth.

    Nice description.Nice tinge of crisp diction. I could visualise the trepidition and desire for freedom of the character from the shackles of grief and torments.

    No wonder you got 4th place in the poetry contest.

  3. Wonderful poem! I agree with Aparna that its an eye opener for anyone! the fact that I am right now going through that conflict is something that can make me relate to this one!
    M not letting my soul lose! Thnx fr putting the struggle into words! Luvd it! :)

  4. hey aparna,thanq soo much for those kind words.

  5. Mav!!iam pleased tht u liked my poem.thanx for reading it..

  6. feelings of anguish are so soul stirring.... wish we all realise soon enough and tread carefully than regret later... nice write gal.. hang on... there are many souls with ya :)

  7. this is one soul rendering rendition....absolutely beautiful ..loved it :-) .... i m actually speechless to comment more on it.....keep writing:-)

  8. i am touched . Thanks for writing this one Crystal Gal...

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  10. Am Moved Aftr ReadIn this
    No Words To Comment .........
    Crystal Gal u Rock....
    KeeP posting Such MArveLlous POems.......

  11. the words were just perfect!

    and excessive ambitions,
    lured easily by luxury,misgivings and myths..

    loved these lines!
    darkness is prevailing :(
    even I am writing a lot abt it (althought not exactly the theme you've chosen!)

    but do chk this: first post called El-Dorado!

  12. ps. Loved the picture!

  13. you amazed me with the deep sense and simplicity of this write :)

  14. loved the poem.. got so much of depth.. hnnmm


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