March 19, 2009

"He" or "She" - Twisted

Continued from here

Stephen: "It’s him. Abhey woh ladka hain"
Sandeep: "What?"
Stephen: "It’s not a girl as you are thinking"
Sandeep: "Please dont create a scene here. Our bus will come in the next 10 minutes"
Stephen: "What Bus? To heaven? From the 17th floor..ha ha ha"
Sandeep: "What 17th floor? We are at the bus stop. Can’t you see?"
Stephen: "What? How did I end up here? Did you not ask me to check out that person standing there which according to you is a chick?"
Sandeep: "Yes. I did. The one in the blue saree. 2nd from the left. She has been noticing you since the last five minutes. I bet she knows you."
Stephen: "Arre. I thought you were pointing at that person. It’s “him”. Woh ladka hain. "
Sandeep: "That one?"
Stephen: "Yes. The brown one. It’s “him”. Woh ladka hain."
Sandeep: "I think I will hire a taxi. You have gone nuts. Why do you drink so much?"
Stephen: "Shut up! Can’t you see the brown skinned male standing there next to the pole? It’s “him”…abhey woh ladka hain"
Sandeep: "That’s a dog! Kadavulle(Oh my God)!!"


  1. Ayyo kadavulae enna yaen indamari pasanga kuda palaga vidra :P :P :P

    he he he ROFL :P

  2. as :P ...enna koduma saar ithu :P

  3. Thaanga mudiyala da saami...

    You guys are going crazy...

    Loving it completely...


  4. lol arrey... dono ek doosre ke peechhe hi pad gaye.. lol the lounge is all smiles.. funny reads:)

  5. kadavuleeeeeeeeeeee..!!
    Stephen nee yenge pa irukke??
    pavam pavam.....

    hehe... Sandeep..!! :P


  6. dog is a ladka too no ?
    bitch is its ladki :D


    ps. cant read the comments above :(


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