March 19, 2009

Where is that love?

"No talking business...just admiring," said Mrigank.

"Oh, tell her what you have been feeling for her for the last two years," I said.

I tried and explained to him that this 'admiring' business would not help him anyway! He would have to talk to her...I knew what Mrigank felt for Vidhi. She was not extraordinarily pretty, she was not an extrovert and she was always uncomfortable when it came to talking to new people.

Mrigank loved Vidhi because she was one of the most innocent faces he had seen, she was simple, she did not talk to many people but she was the best friend one could ever have...when she smiled...Mrigank always said that she resembles a blooming flower!

That evening we met...I was there with Mrigank and Vidhi. After hitting him so many times with my elbow and stamping on his feet...he finally spoke to Vidhi and said those three magical words to her! Phew...what a relief it was for me!! You know why...because I always knew he was the one for Vidhi...they looked picture perfect!! And finally the day had come!! Vidhi left without telling him what she felt. Mrigank felt confused...he could not sleep that night.

A week later I met Vidhi...she told me that she always liked Mrigank. She was so surprised when he proposed her...she could not understand...she could not talk! I called Mrigank to the nearby market and Vidhi spoke to him there! She told him that she loved him...! Ever since then...they were inseperable. Vidhi understood what Mrigank had to say even before he uttered a word...and so did Mrigank...such was their understanding.

They are married now. They have two kids...a boy and a girl. But there is something that is seems that their marriage is on the rocks now. They are perhaps going through the toughest time. Vidhi told me that Mrigank's behaviour had changed...he had started being rude to her...he never showed his love for Vidhi anymore. There were so many problems. I spoke to Mrigank...he had his own issues with Vidhi's behaviour. He thought Vidhi did not understand him anymore...he also told me something that I did not expect...he told me that she was not the same Vidhi anymore...the one whom he had fell in love with.

I understood. Their story made me question myself - Does love fade away with time? Where is the love that made so many couples feel jealous of Mrigank and Vidhi? The only answer I could think of was this -

With time, responsibilities increase, some promises are kept and some broken. There was a time when you did possibly anything and everything to be with your loved one... today the times may be different. But the love is still the will be the same forever. All you need to do is relive those moments...a little more love is all it takes!! A little more effort in expressing the love...a little smile... a little bundle of care...

Show your love to your loved ones...tell them you care... Life will never have a full stop...nor will our greed have! Everyone is into the mad rat race...there is no finishing line to it. But in the mad rat race, we forget what importance we hold in the lives' of our loved ones...we forget to express what we feel for them. Life can wait...

Go ahead and tell your loved ones what you feel for them. Tell them how much they mean to you...and you'll see all the grudges fading away and a new sunrise with lot more hopes!




  1. Nice write artz, it was more than a story, i guess, its a part from life and lotsa lessons to learn, if we just look into de details, but guess, life is like that, we've to learn from others experiences and failures. An huge against us, but we have to..

    There is nothing picture perfect in relationships... i can talk more..but hope all wud understand :P

    But the last line said it all... but i dont understand artz... de story u use to convey the message is bit :( because its real life. The message gets distorted da, but its true that we always have to open up and share the feelings and exress it to de loved ones :)

  2. @ Kings,

    Thnanx for the comment and criticism...
    Would take care of it next time onwards...



  3. so true dis story is artz :)
    dat is actually life...!! will make sure dat i dont miss a chance to let my loved ones know what they mean to me... vry touching srsly..!

  4. Such a veracious write Artz :)
    Kudos to you

  5. @ Nan,

    Thank you so much...
    Glad you liked it... :)

    @ Hina,

    Yup...never ever miss that chance!


  6. aarthi , i agree with each word you said here.. just a little more expression is all it takes to stop the colors of love from fading..

  7. Great post!

    Lovely Image!

    I always say this to everyone. And I have experienced it myself too. You need to have respect. You need to be friends. Love enough is not enough to carry a relationship forward in the long run, coz Love fades with time and what remains is responsiblity. That time, friendship, understanding and respect come in handy.

    I have been living in with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now, on and off. And trust me, my relationship is way different than all others! It is almost like we are husband and wife. And by the way we are not even committed. But we never fight on topics like commitment and marriage etc., It is more over things like who will go and buy vegetables, who will clean the fan this time and who will do the dishes when the kaamwali doesn't come on time. We fight over issues about our parents and about who will take care of my little niece whenever she visits :P It is exhausting!

    Bottom line is, we fight like we are at war, and we say hurtful things too, but we have never ever said that we love each other till date! It is understood, we just stay like the best of friends!

  8. @ Aarthi

    Reminded me of my friend Mriganka... she's so Vidhi...

    Am sending this post to her... I'll tell you what her reaction was!


  9. Sovery wonderful Artz !! you have the instincts to convey very crucial messages in most subtle ways ... love your writes ... this too was a real nice one :)

  10. @ Pink Orchid,

    Yes...just that one extra mile would do wonders!!

    @ Satan's Darling,

    I am so glad you have such a relationship... God bless you!

    @ Neha,

    YaY!! Do let me know what her reaction was.. :)

    @ Pretty Me,
    Thank you so very much Prats! This is the best comment I ever got...the biggest appreciation!
    I'm glad you liked it! :)

  11. @ Neha,

    MRIGANKA?? What a coincidence...the name! I just noticed it! ;) :P

  12. Am all smiles after reading this Aarthi... :)

    How better could u have said that!!..... Both 'Love' and 'Life' are in our hands..... It's left to us, as to how we handle them n take them along...
    Very nice write.. :)

    I second Prats... :P


  13. @aarthi

    wow...the choice lies with us....what a post! what a post! i really liked teh way you have tried to potray things from your perspective...from your eyes...the way you have handled different emotions so well in one post...hats off ;-)

  14. @ Arjun,

    Thank you so much... this post made you smile... I am so happy... :)

    @ Sandeep,
    Thank you sir... :) :P


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