March 19, 2009

'He' or 'She'

"Are we high,"Sandeeep asked Ste.
"Are we?,"Ste replied back.

"I guess we are," Sandeep said.
"How?,"Ste asked him.
"Guess Guess,"Sandeep grinned.
"Tell me naa bhai,"Ste got vexed.

"We both are drinking Vodka,"Sandeep said.
"So,we are high ehh,"Ste said.
"No," Sandeep said.
"We are at the 17th floor now,"Sandeep winked.
"You and your jokes,"Ste kicked Sandeep.

After 5 more pegs Sandeep lost his control.
"Ste Kanna!!,"Sandeep said.
"What??,"Ste grimaced

"Look 'shez' hot?,"Sandeep said.
"Ehh,you touched and 'shez' not!," Ste replied back.

"Shez smiled at me ,bhaii!!,"Sandeep was excited.
"'Shez' didn't?,"Ste said.

"Abhey andhe just look at her man,"Sandeep asked Ste to look at the person.
"No,No," Ste said.

"Dhakkan,dekh usko,"Sandeep got annoyed.
"Haan,you are drunk now," Ste said to Sandeep.
"Kyaa?,"Sandeep asked.

After 3 more pegs of Vodka.
"bhai ,chick ko dekhnaa,"Sandeep said.

"Abhey ,Despo!!its not 'She' ,"Ste said.

"Kya ?,"Sandeep wiped his eyes.
"Its 'him',abhey voh ladka hai,"Ste laughed.

Sandeep was now confused and asked for the bill


  1. i really loved this one !!!

  2. nice write, but thought there will be more funny ending ... anyways kewl ste...

    sandeep.... waiting for your reply.... :P

  3. ha ha ha ha....good one ste...*pat on the back*

    think my efforts at coaxing you to attempt situation based humour(clean ones) is showing its good to see a pleasant deviation from your usual humour posts where the jokes are mainly based on character assasinations (like malan, balan etc...he he)....attempt more clean ones like this bro...such a good read...n funny to the core!

    It has the potential to become a chain post of sorts...Idiotic conversations...see, i always start off a chain series unknowingly...ha ha ha! "Heads or tails" n "My Life" started this short conversation ones...i am in love with these micro posts coated with humour ;-)

    go go ste...u rock..n will always rock..

    he he...will reply back!

  4. hey sandeep chacha oops bhaiyya

    thanks for those kind words on phone.........thanks a lot .....

  5. @ste and sands

    wow!!! .. guess i could use some of ur gyan :P

  6. oh yeah use use......

    a BE nd a BE + MBA ka dimaag lol

  7. wow! :) it did take form of a chain post.. me loving it.. :)

  8. hehe...

    stibu mama's time for revenge... ;)


  9. i got confused in the middle, however was a nice clean read

    *pats* :)


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