March 23, 2009

From Mam to Maa in sixty seconds

Prescript:This is a conversation which took place between a college guy and his professor when he was getting debarred from his exams due to low attendance. All characters are most probably fictional ,Baba is generally a name given to respected few who never attend college and are drunk most times of the day but somehow manage to clear the exams.:P

Baba: MAM!! ATTENDANCE (confident Mr.Cool)

Mam: Get lost!! And don't think I'll let you off with a 10% attendance this time.Just don't show your face.

attempt 1: PERSISTENCE

Baba: (in a low mumbling tone..almost like a makkhii) mam attendance mam attendance mm attndancemmm attendancemmmmattndance..

Mam:(heat rising) You go out ..please and whats that stench ...God!! you come drunk to me asking for attendance..I'll umm aa SUE you!!

attempt2: CALL for MOTHERHOOD
Baba: I drank because I was hungry.

Mam:what?? what nonsense and i suppose thats what your dad taught you? (attempt at possible revenge)

Baba: Ya, while dropping me off from bullock cart he told me "beta life mein kabhi kabhi bhuka rehna padega. 10rs ki whiskey rakhna hamesha, do ghoont maar ke so jaana pet dabake, 2 beedi se jyaada mat lena saath mein lekin". He has lost his land Mam and he cannot send money. I would gladly come to college, I would love to learn all the lovely things you teach, get a great score and return proudly to my dad. But how can I come to class if my stomach is empty. I don't want to ask dad and add to his tensions. *drops to his knees* "mai daru peeya lekin phir bhi apke bete jaisa na hun MAA" loud sniffs..

Successful awakening of motherhood "mamta"
Mam looks with a sad smile and wipes some tears off her face.

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  1. emotional attyachaar ???? ;)

  2. hehehe yes prats emotional atyachaar

    mam mom ban gayi hehehe

  3. wat a sad story?? bhagwaan aise din kisi ko naa dikhayee...buhuhuhuh

  4. Nice example of emotional attyachar.. LOL

  5. tooo much dude...too much emotional hattyachar :P

  6. hehheeheheheeh aisa bhi hota hai? :P

  7. Hehehe .. Right Pretty!! Emotional Atyaachaar!!!

    Commenting on those which I read + understood + liked ...

    But the concern is, there are too many sentences as for the rules of the Contest. There needs to be only 12 sentences, as far as I understood the rules ... here, its around 20!! Plz check ...


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