March 23, 2009

Hacker Inside

Wife: Honey I think some one has hacked into my computer. Its dialing every bad ass hardcore erotic website on this planet.
Husband(surprised): Oh Really ?
Wife: Yes and somehow I have got the ip address of the hacker. Its ..Do you know the person who owns this ip address ?
Husband: Yeah I surely know the person running that ip address. She is the most irritating greedy nymphomaniac bitch.
Wife: Lets fuck her then
Husband(smiles): Roger that !

printf ("lines = 6")\n;


  1. Ha ha lolz :P
    Rag so youu again :P

  2. ahaan..Humour is gettin Wild now..;)
    Intresting Invite

  3. i didnt get the joke... plss someone explain :( :( :'(

  4. That was real good ... hehe ... Commenting on those which I read + understood + liked ... So, yours is the first one here!!

    Roger that!!

  5. @pinks

    can say safely that its adult MH

    pinksy that was a double meaning :P

    raunchy invite... got tht ehh


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