March 23, 2009


He : what happened ?? why are you so upset ??
She : Nothing.. just angry !! Some idiotic guy just passed a sexist comment on me..
He : Oh!! chill dear... happens... you should reply back to him.. atleast do it now .. say all bad words for him and let anger out.. if u ask, i will teach you a few words..
She : hmm... u think that will help ?? Ok .. let mme try... don't mind my language ok !!
He : oh!! that will be nothing i suppose.. go on.. let me hear...

She speaks a string of all bad words she knows and then realizes that the call got disconnected. She calls back..

She : what happened ?
He : My phone fell from my hand.. even i havent heard so many bad words in one string !!

Lines : 9


  1. why do they always underestimate us?.... hhhahahaha ;)

  2. Power of Gurlz wrdzz..
    lolzzzzzz ;)

    n they say women r soft spoken n fragile..:D

  3. !#%!%#!@$!@($!))&$@Z_&&%#$@+%&+$^%@%%^Z(@$@$^!$@(^%($@*%^....

    Sorry... all these are censored... m just showing off my knowledge of gaalis!


    Way to go gurl... gurls rock!!

  4. exactly Kajal .. n HE thought himself to be so "know-it-all" ;)

  5. @Charzz.. we are soft spoken to ppl who deserve it !! for rest, we too know how to talk and walk the talk !

  6. Good Neha !! m satisfied .. for more, please watch MTV roadies .. they teach well ;)

  7. @prats

    freedom is urs... :P

    with pleasure... btw am pluggin my ears... :D...continue :P

  8. hehe... God..!!

    I'm a good boy ya... Just informin all the girls... hehe :P

    Good One Prats.. ;)

  9. @H : u better ;)

    @Hashan : thanks !

  10. @kings : naaah!! not anytime wdt a strong urge to blast sm jerk !

  11. thansk meena :)

    @Arjun.. yes .. u r a real good boy ..


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