March 22, 2009

The Chosen One

Neha: You are so popular Ste

Ste: I know

Neha: Why do Arjun & Sandeep write on you?

Ste: Because I am the most versatile hero of blogpur

Neha: But because I have known you for so long, I dont like them pulling your leg

Ste: Only you care for me and I appreciate it

Neha: I really do

Ste: You know me so well Asha

Neha: Huh. Who is Asha?

Ste: Oops! Sorry! You also know me so well, Kiran

Neha: You deserve lot more than just leg pulling!! Grrrrr....

#Lines: 11


  1. heheh lol lol

    Oh my gaawd Abhishek

    sorry anurag
    sorry john

    oops saari Sandeep

    yeh kya hua bhaaai

    badhia hai , bahut badhai

    number 1 ka hai

  2. par hassi nahi aata hai

    micro flopper hai humour nahi hehehe

  3. abhey hashan

    wht bechara man

    i am enjoying free popularity man.....

    i will come up with more ....u just wait and see

  4. hehe.. you have to man..enough is enough !!
    * waiting waiting*

  5. hahahaha...

    Finally came up with something on me being protective abt Ste eh?

    Sorry da Ste... but u do deserve some leg pulling!


  6. grgrg nehaa

    nw hehe yeah ...even balu deserves lol

  7. hehe.... Ste.. now u understood y??? hehehe

    Good one sandeep.. :)

  8. Arjun am all set to plant my 2nd bomb near ur area.........20 more to go

    and yes......u will take form of ste

  9. didn't neha slap you Ste ???

  10. no no prats

    neha is my best buddy
    she wont slap me hehehehe

  11. Hahahaha .... a true Super Hero!!

    Rajni Style... Superrrrrrrr!!!!

    LOL ... good one again!!


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