March 22, 2009

Golu & Bhondu

Kajal: You should always tell me the truth Golu
Sandeep: Should I Bhondu?
Kajal: Yes. Whatever crosses your mind, I should know it all Golu
Sandeep: I will Bhondu. I will tell you everything from now on
Kajal: That's my Golu
Sandeep: Look at that girl Bhondu. Simply wow! Oh, and yes! Your roomie was looking gorgeous yesterday. Has she done something to her eyes Bhondu? Haven't I told you not to wear this pink dress because you look a lot fatter in this?
Kajal: Don't talk to me ever again!
Sandeep: Eh! Oops. Sorry Bhondu. You are not looking fat. Neither does your roomie come anywhere close to you. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever come across! I love you!

*Kajal walks away fuming. Sandeep curses himself and follows her expecting an encore at home*

# Lines: 9


  1. rofl ..achha maharaj... sena vidroh karegi!!

    *scratches her head to come out with anything humorously micro* :P

  2. he he he he...yes maharani...apni hi toh hain sena...apne maharaj se hi virodh...military coup humaare mahal main!! maharaniiiiii!!

    love you loads..

  3. omg

    yeah kya ho raha hai golu bhaai

    aapke annyaa girlfriends

    shalu,monu aur bolu aap ki taalash kar rahe hai yaara

  4. hahahaha......

    roomie...roomie...roomie woes..!!

    Keepin tat same essence of Gholu Bhondu, this one's been dealt with awesomely well Sandeep... hehe

  5. Golu n bhondu rule the Micro humour section too....

  6. ha ha !! thats called spoiling a lovely date !! take note guys.. NEVER say all this !!


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