March 22, 2009

Left handed right !!

Tan( in a car) : Way to Airport?
Hennzy ( on a bike) : Take the first right..then
Tan stopped him in between and said " But you are showing left raising your left hand ? "
Hennzy: Actually I am left left hand will be your right..Right?
Tan: Ok, then?
Hennzy: Take left from Sandeep Malan's acting school.
Tan: But.. now you are showing left hand raising your left hand !!
Hennzy: no..I am showing you from your left hand as you are right handed. There will be a circle with six ways..take a U turn and take right ( Raising left hand to left)
Tan: Ok thank you so much.bye
After sometime Tan finds two U turns ..left and right. now which turn?
Tan: Arggg... Excuse me.. Way to Airport?

Line# 11


  1. lol

    hehe good one bro...still laughing

    and yeah ask TAN to contact sandeep sir for help

    he is always ready to help people...hehehe

  2. Tan singing...I gotta longlong way to goooo..before i could reach airport..ooooo....

    Good one

  3. Thanks mates !!
    You guys are really good..before posting I thought it was a real waste..

    @ ste
    Malan sir ki Jai ho, ...

    @ Charzz
    hehehe..u r rite, Thanks much girl

    Thanks Ashrita, Arjun, UZ..glad you liked it.

  4. nice one Hashan !! u know i still have to raise my hands to know right from left !!

  5. Thanks sweet!
    Hehehe..same here..same here.. i do get confused smtm !!

  6. You know what? I can say one thing - MINDBOGGLING!!!!!!!

    Hope you write more such writes and more often ... I insist!!!

    My sense of direction went for a ride when I was reading it and trying to think the direction myself!!!!!!!

    A Very Good one Hennzy, and you seem to be beating yourself each time ... LOL LOL ...

    Keep it up!!


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