March 12, 2009

Choriyan! (the journey continues)

It is an answer to what pratz wrote. She said.. chooriyan


Mujhe ik bar phir,
Yadon ki nagri main,
Janay ka hukum mila,
Main ne tooti chori nikali,
Rakht-e-safar ko bandha,
Dhaltay suraj ko gawah bana,
Main us dais main ja utra,
Jahan haseen pal kuch bitaye thay,
Kuch roop suhanay dikhay thay,
Us raat ki sari narmi phir,
Ankhon main aj utri thi,
Jis raat sitaare roshan thay,
Main ne jab uski kalai thami thi,
Phr chooriyan main ne pehnai theen,
jo saaz ki manind bajti raheen,
Wo raat suhani kitni thi,
Main sooch main ussi ki doba tha,
K pass chori walay k wo nazar ayi,
Meri ankhain utheen phr hileen,
Rokeen phr tehr gayeen,
Usay kitnay rooz bad aj daikha tha,
Ankhon k rastay dil main utartay,
Najanay kitnay pal beetay,
K uski nazron ne mjhe ghaira,
Mera bandha hisar tora,
Wo taiz dorti ojhal hoi,
Magar main ye daikhta kaise,
Usay rookta kaisa,
K mere dehan main to bas,
Wo do nazuk khali kalayan theen,
Wo kiun aj khali theen?
Kia mere hijr main aisa tha?
Main to ye samjhta tha,
K usay aj bhi choriyan achi lagti hain!
Guys I guess I have heaten up the battle here "chooriyan" fever is on hope you guys are enjoying urdu/hindi poems here. Your comments are especial for all of us.. Please do comment though there is no race here I bet all are best on their own work! Enjoy~
One thing more please do keep labels same so that we can easily relate the poems.. Hope no one will mind that :D


  1. wow illusion..ur post is just too perfect...loved how you carried it...lets c how long it goes.. :)

    thanks for letting the choriyan fever on....

    loved ur post :)

  2. WOW ... that was fine ... well, I did not read the other two ... but then, I think those will be a good read too ...

    Thanks for writing and sharing!!

  3. wah wah !!! too good .. simply sweet and it goes well with the mood .. u tempt me dear again ;)

  4. it was brilliant! i am in total awe..

    kudos insi!

  5. wow insiya... lovely.. i loved the last line... excellent!! d chooriyan fever is sure gripping everyone here.. m tempted too!!

  6. did i tell you i love you for your thoughts, for your captivating words...
    this piece is adorable!


  7. dono abt the guys, but we girls.. loving it!

    You've seen the after efefcts of your poem ob me ;)


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