March 12, 2009


Reigning the world of
Auroras,her visits bring
Showers of briliiance
Heaped upon mere works of art.
Ingordigious WE,await!

I am not sure of the syllable count but i have tried it to be 5-7-5-7-7 ( shortest choka)

ps: 5-7-5-7-7 form has a seperate name. I promise my next dedication to the one who gets that name for me ;) !!

pps: hope you like it girlie .. got inspired by your comment to Gulshan's post !


  1. Im so happy!!! :D I have dedications! :D I am all smiles!!!

    I love you so much!!!

  2. I think a 5-7-5-7-7 form is called WAKA ... Waka is an unrhymed poem of five lines with syllable counts of 5-7-5-7-7 ... hehehe ... let me know if I get a dedication now ...

    Nice one to start with ... a deserving one though ;)


  3. hey nice one..

    is it the new name-defining-acrostic-fever on round ?? :D

    i love this place ..i seriously do.

  4. Tan.. it has another popular name .. Waka covers both that form and choka too !! so i can not give it to yet ;)

  5. Then you must be talking of Tanka ... Well, Tanka also deals in this form ... let me know if I'm right ... or else ... I need to research more !!

  6. Well, as I await your answer here, I would like to mention one thing ... the title of the poem is Raashi and I think, as the poem itselft suggest and as per the name of the real person here, it should be RASHI ...

    ... Pratibha, I checked with Rashi about it ... and I'm confirmed!! ;)

  7. ok Tan .. u got it !! y did i know that i will get to write about you .. Its definitely tanka !! n TW, where's ur choka poetry on lounge ??

  8. @Tan .. I delierately put it as Raashi .. actually i call her raash ... but her name is rashi.. so the poem has correct name but tilte is according to me !!

  9. Hey!!Yeppiee...
    What a Shot!!!

    I'm waiting for it ... now even more!!

    Then, abt the Choka ... I will ... I am just not getting time and I just dont want to write because I have to ... you know that ... will write ... thought we would sit together to write, but then you are always UNAVAIL... no probs!

    And for the name ... its your wish!! Keep it that way ... :P

  10. yeah gul .. this fever you started and i intend to carry on .. thanks for the read :)

    @Ani : thanku !!

  11. Oh! Rashi, i forgot to say thanks to you for liking it :)

    @Nan : Thankuuu :D

  12. sweet dedication prats, nice one :)

  13. its superb

    why dont u guys write an acrostic poem for writers lounge

  14. tana and waka :S

    *confused *


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