February 19, 2009

Parkme ekroz...

Main tumhe chahti hun, agar tum samajh sako - agar tum mujhe apna samajh sako.

main bhi tumhe pyar karta hun, tum janti ho.

hyan, main janti hun. to phir kya tum mujhe kabhi nahi kahoge? kabhi bhi apne muh se nahi bologe?

kyon? muh se bolna itna zaroori hai? itne saalon ki itni intezaar ke baad tum aye ho. itni raatein akele guzarne ke baad mujhe tum mili ho aaj. itna kuch karne ke baad tumhare saath rehna ka soubhagya prapt hua hai. tum dekh nahi sakti ho? tum samajh nahi sakti ho?

nahi, main nahi dekh sakti. main dekhna hi nahi chahti. main tumhe dekhna chahti hun, aur tumhari muh se sunna chahti hun. mujhe tum itne saal nahi mile. jo sochna tha, jo bolna tha sab sirf main hi samjhi. tumko bolna nahi pada. tum nahi bole. harwaqt sirf maine samajh liya. abhi to tum mere paas ho - pratyaks ho. tum ho, main hun. to phir kyon nahi bologe?

hyan, kahunga.

to phir bolo. kitna kuch tha tumhare paas bolne ke liye. jab main phone karti thi tum bolte the kitna kuch hai bolne ke liye. phone chhodna nahi chahte the. ab kya hua? abhi bolo. bolo na, ji.

main tumse pyar karta hun.

main bhi. main bhi tumse pyar karti hun.

main bhi sunna chahti hun tumhari saari baatein. jo tum bolti thi ke phone me nahi kaha ja sakta hai. tum boli thi ke kahoge. ab kaho. main kab se baytha hun tumhari sab baatein sunne ke liye. kaho na shona, main sunu.

tum kyon aise ho? tum kya kabhi bhi mujhe nahi samjhoge?

matlab? yahan pe samajhne ya na samajhne ki kya baat hui? main to...

rehne do, aur kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai. shayed main humesha hi kuch jyada mang leti hun. harbar bas wohi ek galati kar leti hun main.

nahi. suno. main keh raha tha ki...

kya keh rahe the? bolo.

matlab, ab to shaam hone wala hai. yahan aur zyada der taq nahi bayth sakte.

byath nahi sakte? kyon bayth nahi sakte?

nahi, matlab yahan pe to...

tum yahan bhi ghabra rahe ho? abhi bhi ghabra rahe ho? kyon? abhi to humari shaadi ho chuki hai. to phir shaam ke baad park me baythne se kya hoga?

log kya kahenge?

kehne do. hum kyon sunenge dusro ki baatein? itne din to bas auro ki bare me soch soch ke kuch bhi nahi kar paye hum. abhi bhi karne nahi doge?

hyan? kya karna chahti ho kaho. sab kar sakte hain. bolo na...

nahi, rehne do. tum thik keh rahe ho. Lets go!

nahi. baytho na. abhi to shaam...

dhal chuki hai. shaam ho chuki hai. ab aur roushni nahi hai, dekho. kuch der me hi raat hone wali hai. kaali raat. andheri raat. kabhi na khatm hone wali raat. is raat ki koi subha bhi nahi hai, shayed. chalo chalte hain ab.

lekin shona...


Did not use the Hindi Script for my mates in the Lounge who can’t read Hindi. Hope rest of you would not mind reading this as it is. This is not exactly a true happening but it is truly inspired from one of the many things that happened with me. There are lot of things that come into the picture when two people start living together. I wish I could share whatever I go through, but I’m afraid, most of the experience, august though, will not be welcomed! Hope you like this trial…


  1. I tried a new thing - conversation! Do let me know if there's anything to look into ... I'm just learning this way of writing ... an experiment!

    Chirag, agar tum aaye yahan, to bahot achha lagega ... tumhare tippaniyan bahot important hai mere liye ...

  2. i liked this .. subtle but inviting .. and the twist that the persons are married .. So nice !!

  3. Liked it... Honestly, I dont read hindi much... but this was good...

    How does one understand girls in the end? Tough question!

  4. phew! first of all, Thankyou so much :)

    and the twist, well, left me aghast! hehe Shreyans, honestly speaking, even we, girls, don't know that!
    so seconding, yes, tough question!

    back to the piece, some of Lover's poems were in the conversation mode. If you remember my first entry for the lounge contest was also some what conversation although the signals never reach the other person and were wrongly interpretted!! hehe.. all in all I liked it.

    I dono, tell me, do all the questions end once you're married? do all the topic of mutual-interest vanish in thin air? Poof? and gone?? if this is so, it is very huge a price to ask for... living under one roof! hmm

  5. a man and a woman,
    their complications,
    and uncertainties,
    a strange silence,
    few words left unsaid,
    some love given,
    and some asked,
    a little predictable,
    but with a lot of questions,
    all in all,
    simply ,
    a man and a woman.

    this is wat came to my mind when i read this.. the posts that inspire poetry in me are really special.. and yours was one of them, Tan. :)

  6. @ Pratibha

    As I told, this has been taken from my own life. It happened to me and I could feel at times, that I would just not be wise enough to understand what my wife asks or wants to know ... there have been times when we stuck to our phones for hours together - never ending our conversations - but now, its like we have got all the answers!! lol ... I dont know much abt it ... a little confused at times ...

  7. @ Shreyans

    Its tough mate - surely ... but sometimes, you are so confused that you do not understand yourself! I wanted to depict that in the above ...

  8. @ Asbah

    Marriage is a wonderful experience - an experience you would cherish for the rest of your life! Its so different from being in love and from being in a relationship ... you get answers and you ask more - as usual ... Mutual interest is at its all time high - just that, someone could not see it and some could ... thats the difference!

    You get answers to many of your queries once you start sharing yourself and your life ... and as per human nature, you start asking more questions and you get more answers ...

    Probably you should read my latest NaisaiKu, in my Blog: Thus Wrote Tan! There is another question there, which seems unlike that of a married person ... but it too, RELATES!! Let me know ...

    and yes ... you are welcome!

  9. @ Chirag

    Thanks mate ... I was actually waiting for YOUR response to this ... I'm happy to see your comment(that you are happy with this one).

  10. @ Kajal/TPO

    WOW ... I am astonished. I am more than happy that the write cuold inspire you to write something more .. and what you wrote was almost a summary of what the conversation above says ... and you did not fail to raise the question too ... Thanks for your words ... apt ones ...

  11. awww that was lovely

    hehe didnt expect the twist to come like that in the form of them being married.. really nice.. u should do more conversations.. :)

  12. Well, to tell you the truth Ani, I'm working on this now ... and would expect to be able to post a 'Khichdi' type sometime in this weekend ...

    I dont know how it will be, but I have now learnt to experiment - thanks to the Lounge where I get the encouragement and inspiration!

  13. aaahh thats nice..

    something to look forward to now during the weekend..

    n yes lounge has become a true inspiration.. i remember when i joined.. there were just couple of us on board.. n now its whoooping 69+ n sooo many posts everyday.. its just great..

  14. @tan bhai jo likha hai na
    uska reality se kafi gahara sambandh hai and esa hi hota hai real me
    i like ur post very much

  15. @ Chirag

    Sab kuch mere apni experience se likha hai bhai ... tumhare bhabi ke saath hui batchit ka phal hai ye ... maine to bas likkha hai ... :)

    Thanks for liking it ...


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