February 19, 2009

Life of a child-bride

The house suddenly buzzed
with festive activity,
all day i sat silently
listening to the ladies..

all was so new to me,
my mind numb and puzzled,
but the celebrations
kept me a lot dazzled..

When the wedding day came
it turned the bride was "me"
as my parents bid me farewell,
i held them and wailed endlessly.

now i wake up before dawn
and toil without rest all day
and lie with him each night
each moment as if being raped..

"He" whom i called my uncle,
bought me from my poor folks,
The child in me never grew up
when i gave birth to my own !!

now i sit and wonder at times
will my daughter also be sold?
Someone help me break this cycle
before all her dreams are gone!!


  1. I had goosebumps all over me when I read this. I remembered the time when I used to teach at the slums and one of my students told me she was getting married and she was so scared and then we had to intervene and thankfully, her parents agreed.

    I could see her face.. The look in her eyes... Prats... Wonderful! I'm shuddering!

  2. brilliant prats!!
    too gud!! really too strong, touching n hard hitting!!

    *claps* ;)

  3. Prats di
    this one z too good
    me likes ;)

  4. ohhh..!! Can't imagine wat it would be like to be there..!! very bad...

    Well written as ever Prats.... Best part is the topic u've chosen... :)


  5. chilly! damn!!
    me had goosebumps too and still shivering!! phew!

  6. Prats, one of your best!
    and its evil stripping a child of its innocence this way.. :(

  7. I have no words to say thhanks for reading or liking or commenting .. coz all i want is to jsut find a way to stop all this .. May it stops !!

  8. whoaaa...

    that was so heartfelt.. really dont know what to say or add to it..

    yup do hope it does stop.. n no more dreams are shattered.

  9. thank god! we dont have child marriages in my family..huh!! my heart cries for all those poor little kids who otherwise might have been doing something more useful than toiling at such a young age with children n housework...nice idea to write about child marriages.keep posting woman related issues.


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