February 18, 2009


The castle I built
The castle I gave my sweat
My time. My love.
I built with care that
No-one could ever hurt or harm.
Alas the castle was nothing
But of sand.
A small wave and
Gone it was
My 2 hands not enough
to protect it.
Sad and tired I was
Of being the only one
to try to save it all.

Dreams shattered.
Hopes broken.
Aspirations dead.
Forever and ever.

The castle I wanted to built
To it give my sweat
My time. My love.
To built with care.
Protect with from harm all.
This time around
Not of sand, I hoped.
A big wave and 
Gone it wasn't. For 
Hands weren't 2 but four.
Mine and his. Ours.
Happy and content I was
That I wasn't the only one
Trying to save it all.

Dreamt together.
Hoped together.
Aspired together.
Forever and ever.


  1. hey nice one rashi, how ever strong one is some where down the line we need the support of our better half,

    'Dreamt together.
    Hoped together.
    Aspired together.
    Forever and ever'

    loved it

  2. totally in agreement with Jack.. lovely Rash..

  3. WONDERFUL!!!!

    lovely expression, beautiful portrayal of love.

  4. Sad ...
    ... Hope all your dreams come true!!

    Best of luck in all you do ...

  5. beautiful!!
    really so lovely rashi!

    Dreamt together.
    Hoped together.
    Aspired together.
    Forever and ever.

    sooo sweet!!

  6. very hopeful... very sweet :)

  7. nice one, reminded me of one of my poem's lines!

    sand-castles washed away by waves
    that rush towards them!
    they, un-like regret,
    leave no sign behind them!

    in this context, poem ab yaad nai!
    per your context is way different, and pretty :)

  8. wonderful one, Rashi! i hope u do find dat person who protects ur castle and shelters ur dreams within it! just mak sure dat wen he does, sumwer beyond he too has a castle dat needs protection nd he needs ur help wid it! So wen u r sure ur dreams r secure make sure u help him out wid his castle nd his dreams!
    beautiful one! masterful creation! :)


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