January 23, 2009

Love will Find its way-Part 3

Please read Part1 and Part 2

Well Soul Mate is a very weighted word but then its presence makes you equally enlighten. Soul mate was not a weighted but rather a superficial and unreal reality for these two individuals. Soul mates were too big a thing to believe, they even doubted the existence of Love in this universe. But then both Isha and Raj had their own set of experiences to come to such conclusions. Raj didn’t only have a heartbroken past but experiences of betrayal, selfishness and dishonesty which made him find all individuals to be self centered. He has to some sense started to believe he can’t ever find a girl who could be apt for him. That doesn’t mean he never had friends who were girls. He had and loads and he was pro-woman in many senses as a result of being raised in a family with strong woman like his grand mom, mother and his sister. Infact in many senses he wanted to do lot for the womenfolk as a whole like his mom. But then in other senses he didn’t really approved of most women he dated or met. Well u can blame that on his rich background or the enticing looks. In his society most of the girls he encountered were either after his money or his contacts or were the ones whose only aim was to get married and settled in life. He did meet strongly oriented career women too but then they weren’t the ones to date….either they were too old or too geeky. In his life he never found the perfect one- the gorgeous, strong minded women he wanted …after all he was looking for a combination of beauty with brains. But his Life had been such he had stopped believing in the perfect girl who could actually make him believe in love once again.

That is the definition which defined Isha- she was the perfect example of beauty and brains. She was working social issues related to women making her the feminist to the core. She had the strongest educational background with sky rocketing career aims. She wanted to rule the world and make the world a different place for women then the one it was today. And to top it all….she was pretty in the conventional sense…infact charmingly cute with beautiful eyes, hair and a personality. She wasn’t too tall but then she was bold enough to speak her mind. She came from a family of educationalist. And yet like Raj, she had stopped believing in Love. Well that’s what a failed relationship does to a girl who gives it all to the one who gives none. She had her experiences of hypocrisy, lies, dishonesty and double standards. Infact in many senses she had stopped believing in love showered by friends too. But then she was a girl with great social skills so she did have few people who were her greatest friendship but then she had learnt the art to not be hurt. She had become little more cautious and skeptical of individuals. Infact she believed she had showered all the love she had in her and now all she would look for in life would be adjustments and never love or expectations. What she didn’t realize was the fact that love was looking for her round the corner of the road…….

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  1. Ah !! a nice mix of characters here :) waiting to read more ...


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