January 23, 2009

Love Finds its way-Part1

Sitting near the window in her caned rocking chair, her old bespectacled eyes watched the moon and the stars with the same hope as the one they gave her when she was 17.

Then she was young, beautiful, hopeful, loving but too innocent for her to decipher the real intentions of the world. Today she sits contemplating her life as a smirk passes through her lips telling her life wasn’t as cruel as she had thought it to be towards her. The moons, the stars and the night seem almost similar as the night which changed her life.
‘The Night’……….What a sparkling night it was and even more sparkling then expected was it for Isha.

Isha was a ordinary girl in her mid- twenties. But then she wasn’t as ordinary as she thought she was. Right from the school, she has been one of the prettiest girls around but only difference then was she tried to look too ordinary to avoid attention. But today she was no more than the same stupid, innocent girl. Life had indeed taught her loads of things she never actually thought she would learn. From a simple dressed, chubby girl she had indeed turned into a hot babe …though the charming chubbiness still reigned and so does her innocence but she was no longer deceived easily. She had truly learned a lot in life…..she had taken a lot too…..Luck had never favoured her and Life always deceived her and that in itself taught her the tough ways of life. From being molested ..to being hurt….to been heartbroken….she had seen it all and learnt the lesson enough to not oneself go through any of them again in life.

So this is the story of that sparkling night, sparkling not just with stars but with crackers too as it was the wedding of her childhood friend. Post her breakup she had always been avoiding social gatherings for long but now that her head and heart had accepted the truth , she thought it was high time she had a social life too. She was wearing a traditional Muslim dress…a pink
kameez and a blue and pink stripped gharara and a gorgeous Blue Dupatta . She was looking just like the Cinderella people often read about in the books. But she still wasn’t looking for her Prince Charming as she was sick of most of the fake Princes in her life……..

But that doesn’t mean the Prince wasn’t looking for her. As they say doesn’t matter if you look for Love or not, Love will find you if it has to. And that what exactly had to happen with her…….

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