January 23, 2009

As the Sun Sets Down..

Sad Woman in Sunset Pictures, Images and Photos
As the sun sets down,
Your thoughts come rushing in,
Slowly grief takes over,
I feel that I am sinned.

As the sun sets down,
I begin to wonder why,
I ever ever let you go,
When we were soaring in the sky.

As the sun sets down.
I feel the chill of loneliness
The breeze tears my soul,
I didnt have to be so heartless.

As the sun sets down,
And you are not by my side,
I feel lost without you here,
I lost you because I lied.

As the sun sets down,
And the waves start getting dark,
I feel so incomplete and I noticed
Even the sun had lost its spark.

As the sun sets down,
And the stars i see in the sky,
Without you, i realize i am no one,
No shoulder i have, to just a bit cry.

As the sun sets down,
And now its time for me to return,
I think why is it so difficult to hold you,
This doubt is making my heart churn.

As the sun sets down,
I just gaze at the stars above,
I think i see you up there,
In heaven so afar, my love.

P.S. : One day, Leo and The Pink Orchid, thought that they have reached the saturation levels of writing poetry and both of them thought that it'll take some time for them to come up with few lines. But then Leo got this idea of joining their thoughts and go verse by verse into writing a poetry - "As the Sun Sets Down" is the result of the joint effort.

Hope you like it :)


  1. yes its beautiful pink...

    joint venture work is really gr8

  2. @stibu: hey thank you..:D

  3. @Prats: thank you.. :D

  4. leo's talent in poetry + pink's description of emotions = a masterpiece like 'as the sun sets down'

    beautiful image by the way.

  5. @VJ sophie: thank you :D

  6. @Aparna: one of the most kind comments ever girl! thank you..:D


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