January 23, 2009

Love Finds its way-Part 2

Please read Part 1 before proceeding

The wedding was a usual traditional affair….it wasn’t the wedding but the reception so it was more likens a social gathering. Isha was there as she was getting to meet loads of old friends and all the old faces she had grown up with. But then there were also Uncles and aunties who had the questions about her marriage and the answers of which she never had. And then in one corner of the wedding was standing Raj…..

Well how do I define Raj for you people? He was the typical knight in shining armor everyone dreams of days and night. He was 5’10’’ tall, very fair guy with those mesmerizing blue eyes and a V-shaped built. Though he had no overgrown muscles but had a tough body. Looking at him made him feel as if a Brat Pitt or a Jude Law in front of you. After all they were no fools who forced him to model for a long time but his professional aims made him choose a different direction. He was a Heart Surgeon by profession. Born to a doctor mother and doctor cum business man father, he was the most catchable bachelor in the reception anyone could lay eyes on. Raj was accompanied by Simi, his o so gorgeous interior designer sister. Simi was the sweetest and the sexiest girl around too but then she was accompanied by Raj’s best friend and her fiancée Vipul so all eyes went off after seeing her.

The wedding was all that it has to be-loads of laughter, music, talking, food and dancing. But then wedding loses its fun if some of the match making and romances doesn’t bloom here. That was the purpose for fate to bring Isha and Raj in the same wedding.

Isha charming personality, her looks and her off the cuff dress had made her noticeable in the crowd. But it was her even running and fun attitude made her noticeable to Raj who had till date really haven’t given a damn to girls.

You might be surely wondering about how a guy like Raj could really be single. After all an insanely good looking, successful and rich guys are what dreams are made of but then they are single…seems hard to believe. Well Raj’s life has been like that. He was American born kid with loads of Indianess in him. And to add to it he was a genius…his dad started his hospital in Mumbai when he was in his 6th and that made him come to Mumbai. He was this all rounder, creative guy who knew he had to be like his parents as he is the eldest. He was a creative guy with writing, reading and singing as his passions but he knew he couldn’t go much if he had to be successful so he decided he will fulfill his parent’s dreams before his. He studied and studied in school, was in theatre …did everything for them to be proud of….But then he even fell for a girl who wasn’t right for him. She was all but a true Indian girl. She loved his money, his status, his looks….she loved everything but him. He was an amazingly caring guy thanks to his parents and loved her like anything. Infact he was one of the few guys who wanted to lose virginity post marriage….but then the girl’s lust for it made him lose it as he realized it isn’t wrong when u love someone deep enough. But today he realizes that’s the biggest mistake he did as she left him within 2 months of doing …as he came to know that was bet to make him sleep with her. He couldn’t believe six years couldn’t make her forget the bet. He was totally heartbroken and devastated. But then Simi and Vipul were around. He was in his second yr of medical in AIIMS then and he couldn’t afford a breakdown and if did she will be successful in making him a loser. So he got up …devoted his time to his studies and also realized he need to find peace in his creative side again. He started writing pieces and reviews and stories….he knew how to play guitar so he got enrolled in his music society and went on to became a craze and within no time he forgot what happened…but ya he never allowed a girl to come to him for emotional purposes. After his MBBS, he went to USA for higher studies…..after all he had been admitted at the Harvard Medical School. US was a new life for someone who was born there…..he did all he wanted to…participated in concerts, won writing competitions, Topped his exams……and even dated……but only as long on his terms…in short he never got time for love…….But then after practicing there for years he felt his country needed him…..he took a extra MD in chest diseases due to presence of Asthma in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc and came back for a research. After all like his mom he wants to do PhD someday.

But then a tough guy like him never knew Love will find him and change his life forever. There he was in a wedding where there was the presence of his soul mate…….

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  1. where do we find such good guys anymore ??

    sigh !!
    good write :)

  2. well you can find them only in the imaginations ...hehhe :-)


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