December 13, 2008

Rain ....

Her bags were packed. She didn't know what was left for her here. Everything had come crashing down like the heavy rain . Nothing was the same any more. Her whole world that she believed in had come crashing down on her. She just had to move away from this place. "I should probably call up Alice ( her childhood friend ) once I reach London and ask if I could crash at her place. For how long.. Well nothing's planned and neither was this ".

As soon as Rachel reached London she called Alice who told her to come over to hers with out even any seconds thought.

Alice was really worried about Rachel .When she saw Rachel at her door step she was completely shattered . She still remembered her friend who was always so lively , the life of every party.Now hardly anyone knew if she was in the same room. She was just a ghost of her old self , so dull so lifeless. The laughter had gone away completely just sadness in her eyes. Something had seriously gone wrong in her friends life and she wanted to know what it was. But Rachel didn't wanna talk about it yet. What had gone so wrong that made her change so much?
And she even started hating rain. The gurl who loved to play in the rain , used to find excuses to play and run around the country side was just avoiding it. She just couldn't figure out what happened.

As months went by. Alice starts to sees the glimpses of old Rachel now and again . The occasional laughter , the chatter. Rachel had even got a job in a reputed fashion company. Things were seeming to settle down. And then it was all ruined ..

It had started to rain again..

PS: It's my first attempt in writing a short story of any kinds. Sorry in advance if it looks a bit incomplete or otherwise.

Word Count : 307


  1. The story did seem a little incomplete...what happened to Rachel???

    But was a good read!!!
    the words used were deep...

  2. nice story .. i liked reading about Rachel ... just 1 thing missing ... y she hated rains ??? u still have 90 words to tell that ;)

  3. YEah..!! I agree with Pretty Me..!!

    The build up was good.. Just that towards the end i felt it incomplete. Anyway, it was a good read.
    The writing part was real good...

    And hey... I've posted my Happy POst..!! CHeck it out.. :)


  4. hmm! three chash-ings in one paragraph. too much to have me crashed!

    nice attempt, but i have a gut feeling, knowing you from your comments, you can do better!

  5. Akshat

    Thank you..

    Well it does seem incomplete.. coz i didnt tell what happened to Rachel.. well am trying to figure out what happened ..

    thank u once again.. :)

  6. Preety me

    hehe so i do.. will see if i can get the answers.. if so.. surely will be posted up.. :)

    n thank u dear.. :)

  7. Arjun

    thank u.. n like i said to pretty me.. will surely post it up once i figure it out myself..

    will definitly check out the happy post :)

  8. .a.

    hehe i know.. well first attempt.. just wrote it.. hehe hopefully the next one's should turn out better.. ;)

  9. loved it ani..nice one!

  10. i hoped to see it finished :)


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