December 13, 2008

Woh Kaagaz Ki Kashti.. Woh Baarish Ka Pani.. are a .." said Advaita.. her eyes filled with tears.

In a minute's time..she texted Raghav.."You don't know how to care for someone who loves you. I never thought you would be talking such things about me to each and everyone..You never understood the emotions. You are a LOSER..!!" Somewhere my conscience told me that evening..ITS ALL OVER between them.

Advaita always told me.."I have a perfect life..but the only defect was..Raghav's entry and exit. Raghav meant the world to her..but for him..Advaita was only an add-on to his style statement and nothing else.

Adv. : This is me! (*sobbing*)

Me : Don't tell me..again because of Raghav??

Adv. : Yes..its him!

Me : Dump him Advaita..He ain’t the one for you.A

dv. : I just can't..can't..

We disconnected the call..she felt better..but still she felt Raghav is the one!


It was the sunday morning. The sound of the hailstorm woke me up..frozen droplets of water..people running to save themselves from being hurt and some small droplets of water..on my window panes..!!

"Du'mrng Adi," I texted..

Adi disinterestedly replied.."Du'mrng Shona".

SOULMATE..Adi is to me. Last night was surely disturbing. With much efforts Adi had tried to pacify me..I’d cried like a baby..talking about my parents..didn't understand me, an unsatisfied career, no freedom..Everytime I am with Adi i realize that this is that soul..a reason for me to live HAPPILY.

I ran out to the verandah..the hailstorm had was still raining..Gazing at the sky..i thanked God for having blessed me with Adi..I had tears in my eyes..may be I was happy for myself..or may be disappointed for Advaita.

One one side, there is Advaita..perfect life..supportive family, friends, freedom, career..but she was running behind an ILLUSION..Raghav. Advaita also knew this. She knew..her illusion was over..she could now see REALITY..her life crashing.. It was as if a thunderbolt had crashed a tree that stood tall for 100 years..and got washed away in that rain..

An unceasing flow of tears from her eyes followed..

On the other side.. it was me..finding every colour of life in that beautiful soul..Adi. That morning..rain made me see two sides of Life..

God cried with us..rain continued for next two didn't cease..

Me and Advaita were fighting it hard to cross the worldly ocean..just like the small paper boats which try to reach their matter how much it rains..!!

word count:400


  1. hnnm strange but i could relate to it quite well..

    all of us are like paper boats which is trying to reach its destination.. which ever n what ever that is.. :)

    lovely post :)

  2. i loved the title .. so commenting abt it b4 reading even .. :)

  3. heart touching .. it somewhere touches your soul ... :)

  4. hey this was good...
    sort of a yin and yang type post...

    two completely opposite lives!! :)

  5. it has left me simply and beautifully u hv explaind evrythin......

  6. wow.. heart-warming post... simple and sweet.. and i loved the title.. simply loved it...!!

  7. It was simple and some how reminded me of PS I love you! :)

    We all are trying hard to reach somewhere just so that we can call it our destination.. We are trying not to sink, trying to find our anchor, our safe harbour!

    I liked your narration style :)

  8. i somehow got confused in the adi and adv, but realized that they're two different people.

    wondering if there is a words called Texted?

    and there was a crashing too. wow :p

    back to story, i liked the idea, of narrating two stories and transfusing them with the central thought of paper boats! never made them in my childhood, but still my mind somehow relate it to childhood memories, maybe because it is children's sport to do so..

  9. @ .a.
    Thnq for your valuable comment.
    I just want to say that my narration style..i like to keep it simple.. I believe in using simple words from day-to-day life in expressing what I feel..Perhaps that my way of playing with words.. N for the 'texted' word..i've already explained you the reason for it..
    But I would surely consider your comment next time while writin a post..
    Cheers..!! *Peace*

  10. nice post...and it has my name and the title of my post too! nice!


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