January 5, 2010

TWL - Reformation!

A big hello to TWL Family!

As an Admin of this prestigious blog, and a member since December '08,  it really gives me a lot of pain to see The Writers Lounge in a state that it is today. This was the family we proudly called our second home. We encouraged our fellow writers to write even better, we celebrated special days, we laughed together and we cried together. But what I personally feel is that nothing is the same anymore.

A lot of people are new to this gang. Some of them were here since Day One and some of them joined us with time. This prestigious blog was started off by Asbah, Sandeep and Ste on 16.07.2008. From that very day, this journey began and it witnessed many people coming together and moving ahead in this journey.

It is quite heart-breaking to see certain disturbing activities like Politics, Monopoly etc. going on in the Lounge. A few weeks back, our founder Sandeep was ousted from the Lounge. No matter what personal grudges we hold against someone, it is certainly a very disturbing act when we delete him/her from the Lounge. It is my sincere request to each one of you to voice your opinion on this. Would you be very happy with anyone who deletes you from the Lounge on account of any personal grudge?

Sandeep, someone whom we fondly address as the 'Co-Founder' of the Lounge was DELETED from this place. He had nurtured this baby (The Writers Lounge) as much as any other founder did. Did any one raise a question - WHY? Folks, we are here as a family and not as slaves to someone. We do not have to necessarily agree with someone just because he is a Co-Founder of this Lounge. Believe me, this Lounge was created with a vision...it was visualized as an open platform where anyone can demand anything...can post anything....everyone is the owner here.

Secondly, Leo deleted himself from the Lounge since the changing face of the Lounge was disturbing him much. A lot of Admins are not active here, the reason for which has already been expressed.

I, as an Admin of this elite group blog, take the responsibility in my hands to bring about a serious change in this Lounge. I am thinking about the possibility of re-forming the Admin panel, incorporating new changes and your suggestions are welcome in this regard.

I would request each one of you to seriously consider the measures that we all can take to bring about a change in the Lounge and by the change I mean a POSITIVE one.

Thanks and  big group hug to all,



  1. Yes this is seriously a very disturbing issue. Coz if the very founders get to face a situation like this, then the lounge is gonna end up in a very bad shape. Specially a truly gifted writer like Sandeep and amazing poet Leo should never be away from the lounge.

    Whoever did the nasty expulsion, it's a sincere request to him to forget all the personal enmity(or whatsoever) and bring the lounge back to where it was in the beginning - one big happy n talented family.
    Coz this is a place we write and a place like this is not meant for holding personal grudges, jealousies and bad vibes.

    I would want all of our lounge members to join their hands and raise their voice against the mis-happs n do their bit in bringing back the co-founder back and re-uniting the members.

  2. Dear Nyx,

    To start with, Thank you so much for this post. I hope everyone here at WL take your words in the right spirit and work towards making WL a better place.

    I was not around much in blogsville till yest and I seemed to have missed quite a lot of things.

    It was not easy when Leo went... Our network of writers are also dwindling in the blogsville with most of us not writing daily; this further affects their contribution to WL (sadly includes my reduced efforts too).

    All I would like to say here is...

    Dear WL members, this place was and should always be a lil haven for its member writers and a reading treasure chest for our readers.

    Members of the past and present who are reading this, lets try and put our words into this place as we start this New Year.

  3. To start with, I am just two posts old here at WL... I got a New Year gift this time - an invitation to WL.
    See, I feel WL is now directed just like an advertising campaign for ones own blog - I am sorry to say that. Having enjoying a good pagerank of 3, this blog has become none other than a platform to publicize their own blog! I hope that was not in the scheme of things when it first started.
    Moreover, I see WL as a personal diary for some persons and I wonder where it is heading if this goes like this way. We need serious posts and more so we need contents that can be discussed; nor something like cursing each other and thereby kicking off someone....
    hope for the best....

  4. @ Shruti,

    Thank you for your support! I hope the other people are listening.

    Please bring in certain reform measures that would be helpful for the Lounge.

    Pour in your suggestions! :)

  5. @ Arv,

    Thank you for your suggestions. :)

  6. @ JD,

    Thank you for the comment. I appreciate this truthful one.

    Lets make sure this does not happen again. :)

  7. hello aarthi
    you took the right step
    yet iam away from lounge and didn't post anything in last 2 months
    because of my studies
    i also know that likhetu also leaved the blog i will talk to him about this
    i thought we should talk to all the original founder of this blog and we had to get them back here and after that if any one does anything wrong in personal we will take some strict action against them

  8. wow...i had no idea...

    i did not know Leo was gone!!!

    from shout box..looks like Ste is gone?

    i still do not understand what is wrong...

  9. Whoa! It seems a lot has happened! And I thought I was the only one who was deleted! But here I see that mods are deleting other mods(?) This is really sad. The original mods were so good. I wish they can all be back.

  10. hu the hell is that Jayanta Deka??
    dude, keep your feelings to yourself.
    Some people write personal stuff here...well that's coz this place is like a family.

    we never stop anyone from writing. Yes, personal blogs are also linked by the authors....so that you can go and appreciate their writings...not to blast about it here..

    You are new...welcome here.
    Aarthi..thanx for this...

  11. @fl cool down buddy...new or old evryone has a say... :)

    @arthi have been very busy sowiee...
    will try to get back to the blog

  12. @fl cool down buddy...new or old evryone has a say... :)

    @arthi have been very busy sowiee...
    will try to get back to the blog

  13. dearest aarthi,
    first of all well done for this post. im actually quite shocked to hear that sandeeps name was deleted from the lounge.. and leo left TWL..
    I sincerely hope TWL becomes wat it once was , a lovely place to where i wud come and read u all talented writers. all the best wishes for the lounge..

  14. I just read this post! A little late though... but I agree word to word with what artz said..

    Thanks for the initiative!
    hope, things get better, I can only pray for harmony and write along for good and betterment of all... whenever u wish me to!

    TWL has given me many friends.. and I shall stay grateful for it always!

    FL,arun,Artz,PS,kajal,Leo,vidisha,shradda,tan Dada and many others are amazing human beings and writers :)


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